Tron vs Ethereum DRAMA! Plus COBO Vault Unboxing – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about the most important news from last week as well as drama between Tron and Ethereum on Twitter. He also shows you an unboxing of the Cobo Vault. This is a daily segment!
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NEWSFLASH: This was the NEWS

NEWSFLASH: This was the NEWS

Tron’s Founder: Vitalik Admits Ethereum’s 2017 Bull-Run Was Only Because of Hype

TRON Announces Accelerator Plan, $1 Million Prize Pool for Dapp Developers

TRON Announces Accelerator Plan, $1 Million Prize Pool for Dapp Developers

COBO Vault

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Tron vs Ethereum DRAMA! Plus COBO Vault Unboxing – Today's Crypto News


  1. guys, if your looking for a low market cap coin that could moon once the market turns,take a look at privcycoin. a little gem in the making

  2. Personally, I am buying *more* Eth and less Tron – but that’s just me! I’m kind of “funny” like that.. 🙂

  3. People often say things like that when they have their head in their lap. If there’s nothing there, look up into the sky!

  4. I think you did a fine job on your unboxing and it will be interesting to see where it goes…

  5. Tron is not media hyped just to pump the is a legitimate coin and might be very competitive to Etherium!!!

  6. Thats weird for justin just to come out like that. I feel theres something more going on behind the scenes.

  7. I think it’s s good to see some healthy competition like this. It gives these companies extra motivation.

  8. I encourage you guys to take a deep dive into Apollo Currencies Apollo Vault wallet. No need to buy any device. Once you create a wallet you can basicly take your wallet off grid keeping it safe. Once you want to bring it back to the blockchain you just re-input your private key and secret phrase and boom good to go. 👍💪😎

  9. Vitalik says the dumbest things! He should know it was innovation and ico’s that drove Ethereum! Him being negative about the market is killing Ethereum!!!!! Vitalik always gives Justin ammunition.

  10. First vid with absolutely no comments on xrp or death to bit eth is hyp why isn’t tron Just hype 🧐 I know y because it was an awesome Netflix show. 👌✊ should of finished it out for sure but no had to hit crypto market first.

  11. why the hell are these guys and the perspective communities fighting with each other… This space isn’t very big compared to the rest of the world and for adoption to happen … people coming into the space won’t think too much of it if all they see is fighting .. This is supposed to be life and world changing tech.. come on guys / gals ….

  12. Nothing about what it can store. Looks super over complicated to set up And it couldn’t be synced. I would not buy one

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