Tron – Massive BitTorrent Announcement & Seducing Ethereum Devs to Leave

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Tron has announced the Bittorrent token, the upcoming summit is causing a lot of excitement, and Justin Sun wants devs to come to Tron.


TRX News: TRON Launches $1 Million Accelerator Program

BitTorrent Is Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency on the Tron Network


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Tron – Massive BitTorrent Announcement & Seducing Ethereum Devs to Leave


  1. I am a total hypocrite when it comes to Tron, i certainly don’t like the project, and don’t like the man, especially because of his many “partnership” announcements During Q4 of 2018, since almost none of those where actual partnerships.

    But i’m a hypocrite because yeah, i have some Tron “just in case”.

  2. Glad to see Lark came back! On topic, prepare for my comment, indicating that I will soon make a comment!

  3. Justin Sun sold TRX to Americans, used that money to buy BitTorrent, launched BTT for BitTorrent instead of using TRX and now is excluding American Hodlers from buying BTT or receiving BTT airdrop?….sounds like a scam to me. Am I missing something???

  4. Good take on the CEOs needing to be present. Justin sun really did a great job building tron, it has the biggest social presence. Imagine when its a top 5 coin, it will be even greater.

  5. I hope you remember my comments from a few videos back… Don’t miss out buy some TRX ✊🏽

  6. Tron was always being poked fun at. I think it’s time to start taking them seriously. Thanks for the info and update Lark.
    Hey, would love a video on Mana/Decentraland from you. VR is gaining massive traction. 🙏🙏 I value your thoughts and insights. TY

  7. – The BitTorrent Token (BTT) is built on the Tron Blockchain.

    – People that share content on BitTorrent (BT) will get paid in BTT as an incentive for doing so.

    – Because of this new incentive, it will in turn increase the amount of content sources available on BT for people to download.

    – People can spend their BTT to increase their download speeds when DLing content on BT platform.

    – If they want to use their BTT outside of the BT platform, they will need to convert it to TRX first. TRX is the bridge between BitTorrent and exchanges.

    – Seeding content is essentially a new form of Mining!

  8. Keng Murray how does our laws allow us access to trx but not btt? Doesnt make any sense 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. as long as BIttorrent can use the new funding for content licensing it could be a serious competitor to Netflix, Spotify, and other subscription services. Very exciting indeed.

  10. Justin Sun isn’t a well liked person by many YouTubers – I hope he has the last laugh. Nobody can fault his enthusiasm in this space and we need more characters like this for mainstream adoption. Younger generation are the future of Blockchain and he connects.

  11. I don’t see Tron being a high value coin though going forward.. not like BTC, ETH etc.. I’m sure there will be many in circulation but the value.. ?

  12. “Seeding content is essentially a new form of Mining!” That’s kind of brilliant, actually.

  13. Cool review.
    The use of BTT instead of TRX is, in my view, 100% designed to inspire confidence to the American/worldwide audience.
    You see, despite what is being said about equality, Chinese people still face a GIGANTIC stigma in Western societies. Sure, it doesn’t help that back in the 90s and 2000s most of their businesses was copycat stuff with zero innovation (just like the current TRON platform, btw); however, it is also true that the brain drain from China to the US has impaired the Eastern nation’s progress for a long time.

    Now, you have a generation of Chinese entrepreneurs who have studied in America (USA, Canada) and are accustomed to “Western” ways of treating them, so they have adapted. Nowadays, they are cautious and weighing their every moves. All in all, its a question of showing that they are not scheming (plotting) against the West and finding ways to work with them without mental blocks.

    As for Mr Sun, he has a knack for marketing and a commanding hold on his business venture, but he can be too overwhelming at time (like a little kid excited to be in the “Big crowd”, really). I also think he has a man-crush on Vitalik (who happens to be 500% more brilliant and straightforward than him when it comes to technology and pursuing a vision), but that’s probably my female brain reading too much into things… 🙂

  14. Basically, BTT is put on stake to gain more bandwidth and accelerate the downloading process + reap rewards, just like TRX is currently “frozen” to increase the transaction processing on the TRON blockchain + reap rewards through SR.
    One question though: Will the Bittorrent client still be running on the standard web or will people be compelled to use TRX+BTT to access this service on Blockchain exclusively? In other words, will people STILL be able to use the BitTorrent network for “free”, or is the move/fork to BitTorrentTron a hard one?
    This is something that hasn’t been clarified yet and it seems to me that the answer could make or break TRON’s future… 🙂

  15. +Organic FUD Binance is probably the X factor in this issue, since BTT is being launched via their services… 🙂

  16. +Nachannachle What about a two tier system, like Business and Economy? Might making BTT use compulsory, be a huge mistake? Or could its value be kept really low, so it becomes attractive to use the premium service and everyone wants to do it. A mystery.

  17. same scam as on Crypto Zombie and maybe other more. If lark wants to do something like that, he would say it in the video. So DON´T click on it.
    You welcome.

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