Top Undervalued Altcoin Cryptocurrency Projects Right Now

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In this video we take a look at some of your responses for Cryptocurrency and altcoins undervalued. Surprisingly many of you picked Linda coin. I mentioned Linda coin and also added some of my top coins inclduing Rivetz, Datum, Upfiring and Stox.

Top Undervalued Altcoin Cryptocurrency Projects Right Now


  1. Anyone else 8 min into the video and still waiting for the Top undervalued coins to be mentioned ? 🤣🤣🤣

  2. UFR is a great project. One of a kind in crypto space. A lot of people do compare it with Sia but it’s not the main focus of UFR. If people will realize how big this torrent market is, this token will skyrocket to Mars. Your IP will not be shared with the whole network if you seed. Just with the leecher. This is huge.
    And I think within the next two weeks we can see 7-10$. New exchange is incoming. Alpha release…There is just one way…UP

  3. My first ever altcoin buy was UFR, shilled by some pajeet off /biz/. I had no idea what I was doing but now researching the space more, I can’t believe how lucky I was to get into this at 8M Mcap. There’s so much more room for growth.

  4. Can we as a community stop with these pump and dump coins. Can you only cover solid project with a long term future. I’ve had enough with these pump and dumb coins with no solid project or future !

  5. Yes, you can buy it on Cryptopia or etherdelta. I just bought a lot yesterday, I think it’s massively undervalued.

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  7. With all the government crack downs on Bitcoin and it’s users Monero (XMR) will have a big 2018. It’s transactions are 100% untraceable. It’s not a pump and dump it’s a well trusted crypto with a huge user base, heaps of development and solves the problem of government software spying on the blockchain and it’s users.

  8. Alexander Oliver You and I both.
    *Edit: sorry that’s not very clear. I was referring to your all in comment.

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