Top Privacy Coins For Best Investment in 2018?


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The top privacy coins heading into 2018 are in this video. Are there more? Yes. But these are my top picks for Privacy coins to add to your list.

Top Privacy Coins For Best Investment in 2018?

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  1. Nav is the best of all the currencies you have mentioned on your video. Is undervalued at the moment with great potential. Pivx is as good as Nav but Nav is slightly better overall. I’m currently staking some Nav as I see it with a great potential.

  2. Verge will make millionaires…downloaded the android wallet using Tor and the new Wraith Wallet desktop and it’s bitchen…so undervalued…is one of the biggest percentage gainers for 2017…thanks for the videos Jeff

  3. Zencash, Zencash and Zencash. Zk-snarks- The only fully private end to end transaction technology. Annonymous, transactions, messaging, publishing and dapps…….How could you not mention Zencash?

  4. I think you are forgetting about one important coin when it comes to privacy, namely DeepOnion. They are aiming very high on anonimity & security and have already proven to be worthy to be in this toplist. Would be nice If you coulg feature them and your thoughts about it in a next video. Anyhow.. great job mate !

  5. I was not aware of PIVX yet, but their project looks interesting indeed! Their price tripled since you uploaded this video! Looks very similar to DeepOnion. They went up from 70 cents to 4 dollars in just a few weeks time! I think the DeepOnion project is way better since their project is just months old, and already doing great. What do you think? I think that Verge is doing better than ever because of John Mcafee. Do not get me wrong, I really like the professional looks and the daily use of Verge, but I am a bit afraid that its just one big hype?

  6. I agree with you that DeepOnion deserves a spot in this video. I am also an early investor in Monero and I also like and own PivX and Verge because I strongly believe anonymous crypto currency are the next big thing in the crypto world.
    Because of the huge potential gains i’m always looking for new investment opportunities. A while ago I stumbled across DeepOnion. I agree with you that, as far as I can Judge, this fairly new privacy coin can compete with the best when it comes to privacy and security. But the most important thing I learned in my crypto investment life: Superb tech only doesn’t necessary mean a good investment with decent returns.
    I think in the end price is determined by mass adoption due to real life use cases. The way I judge if a coin is a good investment, is asking myself the questions:
    1. Would I use this coin / these features? and if the answer is yes, the next question
    2. Is there a strong community behind the coin that feels the same?
    When I checked out the roadmap and the community of DeepOnion I was convinced that this project/coin has great potential for the mid / long term.
    As already said, I own different privacy coins. My opinion on this matter: Monero is already at the top. Verge and PivX might get there. DeepOnion will get there. So currently DeepOnion is where most of my investment budget goes. Disclaimer: The above is just my personal opinion on the matter and should not be taken as investment advice. If you plan to invest, do your own research.

  7. It’s nice to see Nav and DeepOnion get some love in the comments. It’s interesting to see when this video was posted, and just how much privacy coins have exploded since. I think 2018 will be the year of the privacy coin. Even the big players LTC, ETH..etc are looking to add privacy features.

    In terms of the best investments, I think any of the privacy coins with active devs and a good community will be winners in the coming year. Of course some coins have more room to grow than others. Nav, DeepOnion, Pivx, Aeon – all have so much more room to grow. We could see one or all of these coins get to 100+ dollars next year. It is really an exciting time right now.

  8. Privacy crypto-currencies are definitely going to take a nice share of the 2018 crypto-market. However it’s very difficult for me to analyze the different technologies and find which ones have the best developers. You say you like Verge, Pivx and Zcash, but from what I have seen NAV has a much more active Github than Verge for instance.

    The opinion of the few experts I have heard is that currently Monero has the best technology and team but it’s still unclear to me if these experts are right. The feeling at the moment is that all privacy crypto-currencies are going to see nice growth next year and make nice returns for investors. My first pick so far for 2018 is DeepOnion because it’s easy to use, interesting PoW/PoS hybrid, lovely community and developers working hard. I think I will go with NAV as a second choice and Monero as third. But if I have enough money to inject, I will probably get into Verge too as a 4th choice. I want privacy coins to make 30% of my portfolio before 2018, so I’d better make up my mind fast 🙂

  9. yeah, just look at what mcAfee is doing. i would call it the McAfee effect ahah. He is just tweeting about privacy coins and privacy coins are exploding to the moon. He just tweeted about Electorneum, and go see the ETN chart on coinmarketcap. It’s deepgreen and trending up like crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would tweet about DeepOnion next, since he’s focusing on the NEW and not old coins. Imagine a deeponion coin going from 3$ to 9$ just because mcAfee mentions it in a tweet eheh. That could happen next week; after all the whole onion concept revolves around privacy and anonimity…

  10. Not a lot of people know about DeepOnion, its pretty much under the radar right now. I’ve managed to scoop up some when they were below 10k sat but I dont think we will see that price ever again its on 22k as type this. The price has been going up ever since I bought and this is still with about 15+ weeks of Airdrops. I was gonna buy some Verge too just for the pump & dump but long term its not a HODL for me. Mcafee now tweets daily about coins and today he did Electroneum and it went up 70% in minutes… DeepOnion went 300 % in few weeks without him, imagine what will happen when he mentions it?

  11. i also see a lot of potential for your list of privacy coins on 2018.
    but i would also like to imply if you could take a look with DeepOnion.
    the project may not be that old yet but the amount of development it has undergone for the past months is truly remarkable.
    and with the support of a huge community i believe DeepOnion will rise in the future.

  12. i am currently focussing on just privacy coinsas these have the best future and will have a lot of support coming into them soon. you didn’t mention Deeponion which surprised me as it has been a massive grower since the summer. in fact that support that has gone into deeponion has shocked me and shows it has an appeal to the masses which will only translate into a massive growth next year

  13. happy to seeprivacy is getting more and more attention!
    lot of users are starting to care about privacy and anonimity for various reasons so 2018 will definitively the year of this type of tech and coins. anyway as other users suggested i would include also deeponion for a good and balanced investing strategy. dash and monero are already in the top 20 for market capitalization having seen a big pump in the last months, i am sure DO will have same path in the coming future and will climb in top 100 before 2018 end. this will means that price will go x10 minimum (3,25 as i am writing) so definitively one to look for. only thing that can slow down things could be regulators asking for ban anonimity but i think that is a very remote possibility

  14. That’s because he knows privacy coins are going to be the “it thing” in 2018. You have all these countries like China, Russia and now the US either passing or threatening to pass regulations against crypto. This spooks people who are considered with their privacy, most of which are 100% legitimate with their crypto. With this sentiment, you would have a harder time finding a privacy coin that DID NOT see nice gains recently. Going forward though, you will need a strong private crypto portfolio that will not just gain as the market does but one that brings something novel to the table. THAT will be the coin that really takes off in 2018. I think that’s DeepOnion because its fully integrated with the tor network, will have a mixing services [DeepSend] AND will have smart contracts. Sounds like a winner to me. Komodo looks good too but I think it has less room to grow into. Lets hope we continue to pick some winners!

  15. I agree with you mate..DeepOnion deserves the right attention..this coin has been growing fast…and i have heard that soon it will introduce smart contracts..this is a unique feature for a privacy coin…and i also like the limited and low supply..only 25.000.000 Onions in total…definitely a good investment in my opinion..

  16. Hey Scott, I see you like Zencash. I used to get confused between Zencash and Zcash. Anyways, after buying some Zcash I decided to switch 50% of my portfolio to privacy coins. Mostly DeepOnion, Dash and Zcash. Zcash is pretty expensive per unit, Dash has had huge pump and DeepOnion is increasing nicely.

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