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The Altcoin market has started to move and coins like Chainlink, Cardano, Vechain, Dogecoin, Kyber Network, CRO, Enjin, Digibyte, Aave, Ren, Zilliqa, Quant Network, Elrond and many more giving over 2x-4x returns in the last 90 days, there are some coins in that we think are primed for a big move. 

1. Ethereum ETH
It should be evident by now we at Altcoin Buzz are very exited about the launch of Ethereum 2.0 that introduces Proof Of Stake for the world's second-biggest cryptocurrency.
2. Binance BNB
Easily one of the most popular exchange in the world.
3. Icon ICX
ICON is designed to be a massive scale ecosystem, allowing different blockchains connecting to one another through their protocol.
4. MCO
The real vision of spending and using cryptocurrencies for payments is still fulfilled by MCO.
5. Chiliz CHZ
With its amazing partnerships with the UFC, Barcelona FC and Juventus FC is an extremely strong project and it only seems like the beginning.
6. Harmony ONE
One of the first projects to have sharding enabled, Harmony acts like silver to Ethereum’s Gold.
7. Tezos XTZ
Tezos is a coin that focuses heavily on security and has a huge and growing developer community.
8. Zcoin XZC
ZCoin is one of the major privacy-focused coins that attempts to establish anonymous transactions, fungibility and decentralization of mining in a unique and scalable way.
9. Cosmos ATOM
The Tendermint SDK by Cosmos is the backbone of Many protocols including Binance Chain, OKChain, Foam, ShareRing and more.
10. Kava KAVA
With the increase of popularity of Cosmos, there will be serious surge of DeFi growth on it as well. Kava is a cross-chain DeFi platform offering collateralized loans and stablecoins to users of major crypto assets.

11. Kusama
An early unaudited canary net, basically a more valuable or value based testnet for the Polkadot Network. This network is to get upgrades prior to Polka Dot. So while Polka Dot remains a more conservative network, Kusama becomes a more progressive and early to test network.

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00:40 Ethereum ETH
01:38 Binance Coin BNB
02:08 Icon ICX
02:47 MCO
04:00 Chiliz CHZ
04:54 Harmony ONE
05:25 Tezoz XTZ
06:19 ZCoin XZC
06:47 Cosmos ATOM
07:21 Kava KAVA
07:59 Kusama


Gavin Wood presents Kusama at DOTCon0.5

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StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Will Smartcash moon now? High supply.. could buy 1 million smartcash then ath @4$ a coin

  2. CargoX definitely under the radar project. Real enterprise use case and being adopted by the Indian port authorities.

  3. Agree with ICX, Cosmos, KAVA!!! Have an eye on DATA! Beautiful triangle ready to pop!
    NULS made a good retracement! There is airdrop event in 4 days, watch the chart it will probably explode before the event!!!!
    REP broke the resistance yesterday, ready to brake to the sky!

  4. Was ready to buy more chain link before it broke out. Think I’ll put that cash into tezos now instead and see if there is a big pullback on chain link later

  5. Thanks . . . Dr. Matty .
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