Top Altcoin Updates – Tron, Cardano, Solve.Care, GX Chain, Harmony, Chainlink

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Big altcoin update. Cardano Shelly testnet hint, Tron ecosystem is booming, Solve.Care and GX Chain surge, and Harmony partners with Chainlink.
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Recent Binance IEO Harmony (ONE) partner with Chainlink:

Tron Ecosystem is Blooming

Tron’s [TRX] ecosystem blooms as DApps and recent developments make waves

Cardano Shelley Test Net Release Hint?

Charles Hoskinson Hints About The Launch of Shelley Testnet for Cardano

GX Chain surge after Buy Back Announcement:

Solve.Care surges 70% with big announcement coming


AION Builds Blockchain Virtual Machine on Java

Chainlink in the green

Phillip Nun Tweet on Justin Sun's lunch with Warren B –

CZ tweet on Harmony/Binance Dex –

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Top Altcoin Updates – Tron, Cardano, Solve.Care, GX Chain, Harmony, Chainlink


  1. Don’t think VB, Lee and other will help convince buffet lol tech is his weakness. We need more like Novagratz & Tim Draper, they can speak his language of old white man finance lol

  2. TheONLY individual capable of an ice cubes chance in hell of convincing that old fossil is Andreas!!
    However, he would never lower himself to even attempt to…

  3. Buy back mechanism seems beneficial for the supply circulating, thus it should reflect in the price

  4. MFT – TOKEN – (POSSIBLE 5X TO 20X). This crypto will survive the crypto bubble and will be THE KING CRYTO with real use case . Its has the military grade secure messaging or data transport service, that one everyone and every BLOCKCHAIN needs. Backed by leading blockchains .
    It empowers all developers , whether it is GMAIL, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, discord, telegram, DATA, Audio, Vedio, It unstoppable, untrackable, private P2P protocol of Tommorrow.

  5. Justin Sun. Great looking projects and websites. However look around in them long enough and see their projcts have zero details/substance. Classic China “looks good from the outside” semantics.

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