Too soon for CRYPTO BEAR? Fantom SURPASSES ETHEREUM | Polkadot & Binance MAJOR partnerships!!


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The Crypto Market sees some Bitcoin STABILIZATION!! Fantom continues its MASSIVE GROWTH compared to Ethereum!! Moonbeam has an EXCITING NEW PARTNERSHIP for developers!! Binance inks a MASSIVE SOCCER SPONSORSHIP, and Polkadot is in the running for their own football deal!! Acala makes its PARACHAIN DEBUT!! And Boba Network adds NEW INCENTIVE PROGRAM!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:29 Introduction
0:51 Market Wrap
1:35 Fantom Surpasses Ethereum
2:12 Moonbeam x The Graph
2:41 Binance x Argentina Soccer
3:07 Potential Polkadot Barcelona Deal
3:37 Acala Launches on Polkadot Parachain
4:14 Boba Network WAGMI Options

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Too soon for CRYPTO BEAR? Fantom SURPASSES ETHEREUM | Polkadot & Binance MAJOR partnerships!!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


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