Too Late To Buy COLX? Better Than PIVX?


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A large number of our fans have been asking us to talk about COLX. After bringing it to our attention to many times, we finally decided to dive into what it is.

ColossusCoinXT is a privacy coin that is built on the PIVX technology, and is currently only listed on TradeSatoshi and CoinsMarkets. If the coin were to be successfully listed on one of the larger exchanges like Cryptopia, Bittrex, or Binance it could see some major cash injection.

Too Late To Buy COLX? Better Than PIVX?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Why dont you just livestream? With how fast you put out videos it seems this would be most efficient. Try it out, im sure you would be surprised with how many donations you get. Plus live updates would be awesome

  2. I’m running out of cash, Steve. 🤷‍♂️ Too many coins to buy, I’ll have to wait to next month’s salary. So for now, can only let these oppertunity run out of my hands. Noooooo….. 🤦‍♂️

  3. Funding for Cryptopia is secured. Matter of time before COLX gets listed. Confirmed by dev in COLX Telegram channel.

  4. ColX has very good support. I had some difficulty with the wallet but when I brought this up on slack I received immediate help and the problem was solved. I like this kind of sense of responsibility they have.Also, I am looking enthusiastically to finding this coin on Cryptopia.

  5. Why I invested in COLX (I’m pretty new to this world, so forgive me if they are not strong reasons) –
    1. There is already a good (and rapidly growing) community around this coin it seems to me. The COLX team are also very responsive on Reddit etc.
    2. I always go to CoinCheckUp whenever I’m investigating coins. COLX received a 3 star (out of 5) rating overall, which – for such an (at that point) unknown and inexpensive coin – impressed me hugely. By comparison, TRON (which is all over Youtube) has not managed to receive a rating as high as 3-stars from the same site.
    3. I downloaded their wallet, synced it, tested it, and I’m very happy with how it functions. IOTA have billions to spend on their project, but they still can’t create a wallet that works. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and smooth it was to set-up the COLX wallet. I’m not a tech guy, so this was important for me.
    4. I like the name alot and I think it will catch on in the marketplace. COLOSSUS – that name was made for the top. 10 on CMC at least!
    5. If this coin can combine privacy, eco-friendliness and masternodes, I think a lot of will be attracted to it. COLX are pressing the right buttons, let’s put it that way.
    These were my overriding reasons for investing, Steve.

  6. Would you be able to talk about Coin Storage & Wallets, I’ve been hearing more and more about how it’s not so wise to keep it in the exchanges. What do you do? and how would you recommend safely storing this digital money.

    Thanks, loving the videos

  7. Only one I used because I can exchange with LTC. Can’t wait for the dip after this coin ends up on Cryptopia.

  8. Have mentioned this coin many times, A great time to buy it. the next verge for sure, and will easily make those gains. 100x+ gains potential. Get in early…

  9. for a long time the price was 1 sat (or less!), so now if it’s 16, that’s big. If the total volume of COLX goes to 100M, then the price would be 10x from here. Then COLX would be better than XVG 🙂

  10. My comment was simply to point out the price increase and the potential in that only, i.e. how XVG boomed from 50sat to 1700sats or so (and how COLX went from 1sat to 16 and on). Which coin is better than another is a debate which will go on and on. It was not my idea to offend anyone who is for XVG.

  11. fhoplist yea haha I noticed that. They also claim they pay interest which is weird to me. I’m currently in a situation though. I’m trying to purchase COLX & EMB but I don’t currently have a wallet with any crypto currency available. Do you guys know of any way to get LTC as quick as possible? All I have is fiat, no crypto at all.

  12. Coinbase buy LTC with Credit Card instant deposit, transfer LTC to exchange to buy the coin you want.

  13. Elektrolyfe thanks for the response bud. Unfortunately I believe that this option is not available to members in the US. I know they allow ACH but I’m not sure they offer the debit/credit card instant transfer options. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks in advance

  14. AFAIK, funding for the coins has been secured. the rumor has been 12/28 for cryptopia. Thats when the coin swap ends. I bought my coins on and it is much better than Tradesatoshi

  15. I always miss out on coins that were not on binance and when they hit binance they are already x10 x100.

  16. For Colx there is a wallet right there listed on the website. Download it, open it, wait for it to sync. Enable 2 factor authentication and write down your passcode where you can never lose it.

    When in doubt, search google for “best wallet for (insert coin here) reddit.”

  17. wolf gang we COLXing now brah, its at over 1 cent r u going to moon or no? are you a fucikgn hodeler or not? Let me know in the comments.

  18. @Heino Der Sänger, Deep inside of me also think the same way. Sometimes very easy to been carried away by the hype and impulses. 🙂

  19. When you buy these smaller coins on smaller exchanges do you guys just leave them on that exchange?

  20. i left mine there for now but im going to move it soon. I like to keep my coins in an exchange for a bit to see what happens just incase i want to sell for some reason.

  21. Hello Altcoin Buzz. Could you make any video update about ColossusXT? Much good things happened since your last video!

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