Too Late To Buy Bitcoin in 2019?!

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In this video Jeff from Altcoin Buzz discusses whether or not it is too late to buy Bitcoin in 2019? With the crypto market having been bearish in 2018, many are awaiting a long anticipated uptrend in the crpyto market. Currently Bitcoin has a 50 percent dominance over the market that has been going up month after month. Is Bitcoin a good buy, below $5,000 per coin? Well you must ask yourself if you are patient enough to wait it out if this little rally leads to a decline in price.

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Too Late To Buy Bitcoin in 2019?!


  1. …Invest in yourself! …learn to trade!
    …Win-Win regardless of what the market and whales are doing

  2. People in 2017 buying at 15000 thinking it has huge potential now think it’s too late at 5000? Okay.

  3. Jeff’s channel success is tightly coupled to crypto so for that reason alone I want to see a Bull Run

  4. You nailed it jeff, 20 percent in one day? Totally manipulated. I have a position in btc (got in at 4100)but im thinking i better dump it before it tanks again.

  5. Whats up Jeff! Stoked to see you bro! Been following you guys since early 17. Never too late to buy until its 500k. lol

  6. Nobody ever sees the light , in 2017 when BTC first touch 6k people were yelling “it’s over it’s gonna drop” and that confined for every 1,000 it went up

  7. James A it does. Because everybody wants/ needs it 😉 bitcoin is better than usd. Money will not excist in the future.

  8. James A The currencies we use have no real value either. It used to be backed up by gold, but not anymore. So it doesn’t have more legitimacy than usd for example. All based on trust.

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