Tony Robbins & Is Bitcoin & Crypto The Best Investment of 2019?

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency may be one of the best performing assets of the coming year. Especially as traditional markets struggle. Is Tony Robbins' tweet about Bitcoin a coincidence or well timed?


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Tony Robbins & Is Bitcoin & Crypto The Best Investment of 2019?


  1. Tony Robbins posted a very old Bitcoin article though….they said Bitcoin was over $9k in the article. Strange that he mentioned an old article…..why not a recent one about Bitcoin? Did his account get hacked ? hehe Idk it’s cool either way….got the word out.

  2. I keep thinking 2018 gets such a bad rap when it was actually a very rational year for Bitcoin.

    2017 was the dysfunctional year because of it’s irrationality. 2018 was simply the logical correction of the prior year’s excess.

    I believe we’ll have a bubble every four years and a savage correction following. Some will say it’s because of the supply shock with the halvings. But if you study all freely traded markets you’ll find a four year cycle in every one of them – no exceptions.

    The corrective phase can last 4 to as much as 18 months but will not stop the long term uptrend for the foreseeable future.

  3. 1st Crypto YouTube upload I’ve watched in 2019…of course it’s going to be from The Crypto Lark 👍

  4. I think 2019 and 2020 will be some very interesting years. Most upgrades will come in this time and many things can happen outside crypto too (US debt etc.), but crypto seems to bottomed out and is global, so I think future will be good. The fudders should be out of fud by now and it is time to regain the trust lost in the bear market. Just some current toughts.

  5. I think 2019 will see a bottom in the early year, say Feb …then a quiet sideways fir 6-8 months then a breakout that most won’t see coming

  6. Mate Mate Mate will you really take our beloved The king(BTC) to the moon like your intro,I’m in since last two years,who is selling at this low,whereas i’m holding since i gues december 2016.I didn’t even sold 1 satoshi,are people mad selling this low and making whales more stronger.I’m accumulating more.recently filled up another train load of ADA,XLM.

  7. You are a good man Lark 😉! Straight and clear ideas… personally I agree with everything you said and keep adding little bits of crypto’s to my portfolio every time I can. Keep up the good work and keep spreading correct ideas!!!

  8. Omg I feel like plankton 🙁 I am nothing in the spec of greater things . I hope 2019 can turn me into a solid fish.

  9. Yay 🙌 I been missing that intro yo! Happy new year Lark! You are amazing and I wish you the best in 2019!

  10. Hope everyone’s ready for a reversal this coming year. Many factors to consider. Don’t forget to take those profits when you can. They wouldn’t be spending billions on infrastructure if there was no opportunity in crypto.

  11. “Plankton” ….. lol . Great video Lark. Could not agree with you more. BTC will reign supreme in 2019. Whoaaaa it Rhymes.

  12. I would be very cautious about following the link above. It’s more than likely a scam. A gmail account is not trustworthy. Just some current thoughts of my own:)

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