The QTUM Continuum

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QTUM is developing fast and it is moving from strength to strength. The hybrid of Bitcoin and Ethereum is building a top of the line blockchain and putting satellites into space!

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The QTUM Continuum


  1. Love it when you say “…This is just a dude talking about crypto currencies…On the Internet”

  2. Hey Larkie – Great interviews lately! Thanks so much I think this full time crypto thing is workin well 😉

  3. Could b incredible … thx so much for behind the scenes n looking deeper into projects .. too many tokens barely have daily meetings after ico ..
    so it’s so important to separate the true gems 💎 such as qtum / loopring / verge (no ico) / ada / eos .. etc .. thx for all your advice n Info. Respect kindcrypto

  4. great vid Lark! currently dont hold QTUM but i am adding this to my portfolio.. the question is tho.. would you sell a little NEXUS to buy a little QTUM? say like 80 NEXUS for 10 QTUM

  5. Hi, good video as always. But could you do a video about some of the darkside of Cryptocurrency, more specifically Tether? It just doesn’t seem sustainable and most probably will end in tears. Could it potentially be the death of cryptocurrency as we know it when it finally burst?

  6. awesome video, very insightful, thank you for your content! in your opinion what are the significant differences between qtum and nexus earth(nxs)? (besides the market cap, hah)

  7. So many people have been asking about this, I am in the process of producing a tether video so stay tuned

  8. It seems like QTUM and NEO is about doing the same thing? Can you please maybe break down the difference between two and which one do you think better one? =)

  9. I hope you had a bash at the QTUM MVP.. the team that develops the best mvp will take $50,000. And 5% or all qtum coins whaaat..

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