THE NEXT 100x? Fractal Protocol on Polkadot to Overtake BAT!

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The Fractal Protocol promises to revolutionize digital advertising by protecting user privacy while also paying you crypto to view ads using a Polkadot Parachain. #fractal #fcl #crypto

00:00 Introduction
02:12 Digital Advertising is Broke
05:55 Fractal's Solution
09:35 Protocol Specs
10:30 FCL Tokenomics
12:10 Getting Started with FCL


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THE NEXT 100x? Fractal Protocol on Polkadot to Overtake BAT!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Timestamps
    00:00 Introduction
    02:12 Digital Advertising is Broke
    05:55 Fractal’s Solution
    09:35 Protocol Specs
    10:30 FCL Tokenomics
    12:10 Getting Started with FCL

  2. LUKSO (lyxe) is a top project for this run when it launches this spring… Made by creator of the ERC-20 token who was one of the co-founders of ethereum… The other 2 projects by ethereum co-founders are polkadot and cardano which are both top 5 cryptos… Of course do your own research, but it is a CLEAR WINNER

  3. Just what the “free internet” needs. More KYC… Yeah, I’m out! The masses are so easily lead, gullible and ignorant.

  4. I’m brand loyal to Brave. I’ve been earning BAT from them for years. Unless they are vastly better and pay a lot more I don’t plan to switch. We need cryptos that fill roles that don’t already exist. Competition is fine but let’s innovate not duplicate. Right?
    Now that the title changed I feel a little protective of the project I am already backing. I suppose that’s normal and I will come around if they are truly better than Brave, but until then I see it as something that will diminish the project I back. That’s not great for me or other BAT collectors. Hopefully it will motivate Brave to improve even more than they have over the years.

  5. Brave is better. Iโ€™m both an investor and a user. I actually ended up using Brave as my main browser because itโ€™s so fast, elegant and smart. And gives you so much control of your data. The best part is getting free BAT just for surfing the net. I donโ€™t mind the ads now

  6. Tower is New NFT coin with price 0.018 USD, it has very low floating stock 71 million. Marketcap is 1.2 Million. Huge upside potential and easily 10 X from current price….”’

  7. Yeah, thanks, I totally agree. I also use Brave for everything. It seems that if Fractal wants to succeed they have to do something better and or different than Brave but it sounds like a knock off.

  8. LOL i bought more fractal , even before watching the video (got the link from fractal twitter) , just to realise no one here understands the protocol.. LOL can believe such a lame explanation. no research been done @ fractal . just read the whitepaper. i can relax still no FOMO on fractal. i will wait till LUKSO is top 5 then i buy more fractal.

  9. @Gabe Kelley Exactly. The crypto market needs innovation not duplication. This project is bitcoin cash to me. The only thing going for it is that it’s on polkadot….

  10. Appreciate your comment!
    Message my trusted cryptocurrency professional and investor to guide you on how to make profits on cryptocurrency…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ…

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  12. This doesn’t seem to offer anything new that BAT and Brave aren’t already doing. And BAT has a massive head start.

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