The Hottest New Phone, Global Wildlife Disaster, & Tron Smashing Ethereum – Crypto & Bitcoin News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Tron puts the pressure on Ethereum, global environmental disaster, and Sirin Labs launches their phone.

G20 Cryptocurrency

Breaking: G20 Discusses International Cryptocurrency Tax

Tron Gaming Fund

Tron Privacy

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) Will Soon Be a Privacy Coin, Says Founder and CEO Justin Sun

Matrix AI

Singularity Net

Sirin Labs

Wildlife disaster

In 45 years, we have killed 60% of Earth’s wildlife


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The Hottest New Phone, Global Wildlife Disaster, & Tron Smashing Ethereum – Crypto & Bitcoin News


  1. So If I understood well we need to pay tax on our salary with our job, and with this money we buy crypto and have to pay tax again…. So in Holland there is not much left unfortunately

  2. Was it Mr Smith in the Matrix who scalded Neo and humans for being like a cancer to the world .I agreed with him .I recycle the tiniest of plastics and glass because i am kind of obsessed withe working on bigger tallies all the time.And you get others who throw all recycles into the general rubbish . If people were all transactions being validated in blocks it would be interesting especially if it was merrily done in positive light .
    Thanks for your interesting video , you throw different things in which we should all be discussing like earths desolation etc
    Also i was interested in sirin labs 7 months ago and bought in at 55c but soon sold when i found out HTC was doing the same ..a pity as it would have been a good deal for Sirin .

  3. becarefull, you are loosing all your “climat-sceptical” public… 😉

    thank’s for your videos and your work!

  4. In the meantime Cocos BCX is launching their own private blockchain and the first 2 public chains supported will be ETH and NEO , man when that Tron bubble pops it will be epic x)

  5. Thanks for the update! It is crazy the waste, vote with your feet and where you spend your dollar is a very powerful choice we all can individually make.

  6. Maybe reduce the adverts if possible. Used to be able to watch a full video without interruption. Great content as always

  7. Hey Lark! Thank you for sharing the good news about SingularityNET with your followers! It is much appreciated :). We look forward to the Joe Rogan show!

  8. I do think that getting the taxation sorted would help the cryptospace BIG time. One of the main reasons why most people haven’t invested much in cryptos back in Europe is the blur surrounding the taxation.

    For millennials with meager salaries, the idea that investing in cryptomarkets could spell a 40% tax down the line is just off putting. Until the legal matters are cleared, no young gun in his/her prime is going to take cryptoassets seriously nor pour his/her money in it. And when you know that the ONLY thing that cryptocurrencies need (way before they call for retail investment) is a fair share of adoption (a lady CEO recently quoted 10M users), not having ordinary people dip their toes in the cryptotub is essentially doing more damage than the recent price drop.

  9. I bought a bunch of srn in the hope that one day (in the next bullrun) I will be able to buy a finney with it. Fingers crossed.

  10. #GoVegan The human body runs best on plant fuel. Animal products cause damage to both our bodies AND the environment. The time is now to make the change and evolve. Plant based and blockchain based lifestyle is the future for humanity.

  11. I lived in America for 22 yrs. I have never witnessed so much disrespect for food, meaning that people, (not all) would purchase & throw away food unnecessarily. Also, recycling, or lack there of, was also an issue. Consumer products like paper towels were used in abundance. THe average family had 4+ cars. The list goes on….This was in California, so not sure about other states.

  12. Thank you thank you thank you for speaking up about your ethics- so true!!! If I could like this video another one thousand times, I would! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Amen to that – food of the future, energy of the future, money of the future – exciting time to be alive

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