Taking Profit Cryptocurrency – Core Position vs Trading Position

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This is a video about a core position and trading position on cryptocurrency. Also when to know how to take profit. This is my approach to doing the cryptocurrency trading.

Taking Profit Cryptocurrency – Core Position vs Trading Position

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Hey take a look at SAGA, It has been bouncing off it’s resistance line for a few days now.

  2. Jeff, you guys are leading the way and providing leadership in the uncertain times of the crypto wild west. Don’t listen to the haters. Thanks for this

    To have a billion dollars, every solider in Altcoin Army would have to have 10,000 in the market. Just for 1 Billion.

    At 107,000 people, I think we on average have accounts with a average around 2000. Meaning our entire market cap might be 200,000,000.

  3. Funny how a millionere called McAfee IS pumping coins for profit. Meanwhile people suspecting you 🙂

  4. I actually never sell. It may not be as profitable as trading overall, but it’s far less risky. If I’m interested in a new crypto, I pump more fiat into it.

  5. Hi Jeff!  Could you explain which TOP TEN coin you see as having the biggest upside in 2018 and why? Thanks man!

  6. I was playing Call of Duty last night and guess whose voice I heard in the headset… yours Jeff ha. I wasn’t even mad listening to Altcoin Buzz during the match haha

  7. Jeff has a lot to say, and i enjoy him taking 30 to 40 minutes to speak to us in each video. Thanks.

  8. Hey Jeff, your videos are amazing. I would like to ask, since you seem to hold such a large variety of different coins, how do you personally store them? Do you leave them on exchanges or do you have wallets, etc.?
    Any feedback is much appreciated!

  9. Hey Jeff, what do you think about Centra Coin? Not the coin but the Centra Tech company with its Debit Card and Wallet.
    A downside that I can see upfront is that the IRS can more easily easily hold you accountable. The are incorporated in Delaware but, are based in Florida. I believe they have offices in different parts of the world. Need to recheck and research more.

  10. Dr.Greenthumb SONM though has a good concept, it’s too complicated to implement. I would not take a huge position in SONM

  11. Instead of moving your money from altcoin to altcoin do you think you would of made more money keeping it in once place?

  12. DrGreenThumb -> Your looking at marketcap and confusing it with the USD price. Might want to learn to read graphs so you dont burn your hard earned money.

  13. Luke Wieland lol I would screenshot to show you but I would assume you would know how to go on coinmarketcap and look at the historical data of SNM.. don’t worry about my hard earned money I’m making plenty in the space 🙂

  14. Are you not talking about when it was released and dumped back in June 17? Can’t call that….

  15. Luke Wieland yes but still that was an all time high and also it went back up to as high as .90 so it’s whatever idc I don’t even have my core position in SNM just thought it was a good time to buy specially if you’re mostly trading on binance

  16. And even if the market cap were higher than $200M, it doesn’t necessarily mean this audience has the power to pump a coin. (1) Not all of the 107k followers here agree with the views of the channel, and (2) Of those that do, only some will act on a certain view expressed here in concert. So, of that $200M estimate, we’re probably only talking about a quarter of that potentially moving asset prices in concert.

  17. To be realistic, I’d say about 75 % of the people on here have a position. Of those 75% maybe half have a somewhat substantial amount 500$+. And out of that 32% maybe half are dedicated enough to all invest . Still I bet it would be a good emount

  18. Simply incorrect. Amazing it has 22 upvotes. Market cap simply represents the current price * circulating supply. But not everyone paid the current price.

  19. Chris Phan he’s an active trader so he’d have to leave them in exchanges in order to maintain liquidity.

  20. Jeff, I am concerned that when I want to cash out a certain crypto the exchanges will not do it? Can you explain how to go from lets say bittrex to actually getting money back into your bank account. Love your videos, please keep up the great work.

  21. Ty The Believe Guy
    When are you going to decide that they’re done going up??? Eventually the crypto market will see a crash especially if the general economy goes down like in 2008.

    Stock crashes.
    Real estate crashes
    Crypto market would crash as well

  22. Good question, I hadn’t got that far yet… But I did originally say that when RZipple hit $3.00 I’ll start considering selling (That came QUICKER than I thought) At $5 I may Take My initial Investment… At $7 probably sell half… I’m just playing it Min by Min…lol

  23. When I started I said I was going to invest 100k and let it ride… I started with 10 Bit at $2900 each, that shot up, sold 3 got my money back out and put 15k into alts, which has turned into over 70k in a month, not counting my 7 bit I still have… So i’m well over 200k since sept, and it’s all profit, with a 30k initial investment… So hopefully I don’t have to put more Fiat back in…

  24. Ty The Believe Guy I would love a video on how profitable it would be to take off the table. How many taxes are expected and then what? Place money in the bank where it will only sit or maybe invest in Wealthfront? Sorry, I’m new at all this. Tons of questions.

  25. MANY people were taking BTC profits.  They were racking up a lot of money, but only the hodlers became multi-millionaires.

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