Substratum Worth a Buy To The Moon in 2018?

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Substratum plans to decentralize the web by letting individuals sell their computer power to others, potentially opening the door to inclusion in countries like Russia and China.

Substratum Worth a Buy To The Moon in 2018?


  1. Great community, most active one I’ve been a part of. When they release their product, this thing is going places. Right now you can get in at practically ICO prices.

  2. awesome project. sub never went to 32 cents that was a coinmarketcap error. team together for many years. right now Chinese people are searching. grand mission!

  3. You should also be aware they will be doing another burn I think after this next burn its going to be 100milish coins left. If they deliver this coin will moon and to be honest we aren’t very far from beta or the potential jan release of version 1. Anyone seeing this.. I truly believe they will deliver do NOT miss out. Get some now.

  4. I really believe in this. I’m heavily morally invested into this. I believe in the tech too. Time to get financially invested as well.

  5. Substratum over a dollar now. I bought about 60 cents. Thinking of going in harder as this has the potential to go to $5 to $10 or even more as a long term hold.

  6. another winner pick from jeff, wasnt following at the time… was 15C at time of vid, its right around a buck now. Altcoin buzz

  7. Only 23 comments before mine?  Haha.  I just subscribed to you last week and most of your videos get flooded with comments, so you must’ve just been starting back then.  I bought into SUB at 12 or 13 cents and I plan to host a masternode when the time comes.  So bullish on this!!!

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