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In this video, Mark has found a free app that tracks cryptocurrency whale orders so that you can try to avoid getting manipulated in the market! He'll interview the developer, Paul Jeffries and Paul will show how the application works and how you can apply it. Now you can SPY on the WHALES!

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John’s github

Whale Watching Instructions and open source Github

Asset Comparison Toolbox Instructions
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SPY on CRYPTO Whales NOW for FREE! Feat. Crypto Whale Watching App

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Sooooo cool! Glad it helped! Can’t wait for them to be able to do the other exchanges!

  2. Thank you Benny! I agree. One of the things that I love about Crypto is that right now we’re pretty much all in this together, trying to help each other out.

  3. Got a suggestion for people who use stop losses/take profits in trading. I’m doing some Excel based analysis of historical data and it turns out to be pretty complicated but it looks like the most common way of using SL/TP would be ill advised, which is using a different figure for the SL and the TP. There are certain combinations that might be profitable but I can’t elaborate because I’m still in the early stages of analyzing the data and besides it would be crazy to give away something that might actually work, because everyone would do it and it would then become worthless. But there’s an easy way for you to be safe while me not giving anything away, simply use the same figure for SL and TP, just negative for the SL and positive for the TP, or vice versa when shorting.

    How you get ahead that way is by going long or short at the right times. Since you use the same SL and TP all you need to be able to do is predict the price direction with more than 50/50 accuracy, plus exchange fees. Varying the SL and TP from each other is only going to complicate things and possibly guarantee losses because you don’t know the right figures. Don’t even use a stop loss by itself without a take profit, planning to wait until it gets up to some figure higher than the stop loss in the positive direction and then manually close out, because that’s the same as a varied SL/TP, just not a constant one. Gotta be both the same, all profit comes from you predicting the price direction and then just waiting for it to close out either at the SL or the TP. And not using either SL or TP is the same as using random ones. Sometimes your close out points might be good and sometimes bad, it’s not a system just winging it really, which usually fails. This is not investment advice, do your own research etc.

  4. No offense to the other altcoin buzz fellas, they all put out quality content and sucked me in as a sub. But you Mark are my fav bro….im glad that u put your name on the thumb pic!!

  5. Great video! You went right to it! How do we use it? Great stuff!

  6. Thought this was BS but about 15 mins in I can completely understand what the benefit this holds. A beginning investor could even understand this. Great idea if it works as described.

  7. Look in the description for the link to the explanatory document on Github—it’s easy to read and you’ll be up to speed on how to use this in minutes.

  8. Hi YD…I’m glad you watched through. I know the title is “click bait” – ish, but if it wasn’t then who would watch? I’m REALLY glad you liked it!

  9. Thank you soooo much Zach. That is really nice of you to say. It takes time to pull this stuff together and comments like yours make it totally worth it! Thanks again!

  10. Thanks for sharing. Retailers should unite with apps like these to act like in a cooperative game. So we can hodle, buy or sell when manipulation may about to happen. Do exchanges not have services to protect retailers?

  11. Hi Dwight. I’m with you. Retail investors are at a disadvantage in crypto. Remember exchanges are in it to make money on trades, so why would they want to “protect” us. Traps create more trades so they don’t really have an incentive in my mind. Maybe someday a decentralized exchange would incorporate something like this since those exchanges are made up of mostly retail investors. Who knows.

  12. It definitely works as described! Give the whitepaper a read (it’s just a few quick minutes) and you’ll see the methodology. All the code is also public and reviewed, so you can fact check all statements 🙂

  13. Thank you very much. I am trying it and looks good so far. I feel more relaxed with some positions. Hopefully we can donate him with cryptos.

  14. Only works on exchange as I see it. Won’t work with the biggest whales manipulating marketprice thru OTC purchase/sell

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