SONM Global Super Computer – Team Interview

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Thanks to Eugene and Igor for taking the time to sit down and talk SONM!

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SONM Global Super Computer – Team Interview

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. very nice ya channels growing by the day you myt av to knock the day time job on the head soon haha

  2. Wow. Awesome interview!

    NEM question at 28:17 and they couldn’t have answered it better! They’re sticking to their roadmap and whitepaper which is Plan A – Ethereum. I totally respect that and think it’s the right thing to do. As much as I am a NEM bull, I just think that’s smart and only makes sense to start off with Ethereum. HOWEVER, they went on to say, “We’ll evaluate other options” for the overall success of their project. A+ answer if you ask me! This also gives me a “warm fuzzy” about them, as they’re so committed to their own project.

  3. I like that.. A man in motion. Great to see that “know your customer” is at the forefront of their thinking.

  4. Yeah, same here, these guys are great! Definitely filling up the bag more before it shoots up!

  5. Coming from a DevOPs background, I can foresee SONM will be the future of cloud services, great interview.

  6. Thanks for doing this Lark. I love your reach in the crypto space!

    Where sonm is concerned, every time I listen to Igor speak I’m confidently assured. See the sonm q&a. He is so clear, concise, smart, well thought out, and serious about what he is doing. I don’t think he will let anyone miss a step!

    Long live the blockchain!

  7. SONM is so undervalued it’s actually great for everyone watching currently! go and grab yourself a ticket to the mooooon

  8. Thank you for amazing content. Im SNM long term holder. Just a friendly suggestion and this in good faith to bring project to mass adoption, get good native english speaker that represents the company and that can in short smart sentences explain the project/roadmap,…. You can get inspiration in communication skills department at TenX team and Julian Hosp, they are killing it with their social media and youtube videos. And im not suggesting getting PR firm to just pump the coin like crazy, but just someone that can articulate the project in calm and collecting way in english. As you may see in my writing Im not a native english speaker myself, but as a videographer i know what kind of people/approach specially in front of the camera works. Please dont get this the wrong way, you have an amazing team and i support you fully. Keep up the good work Lark and team SONM.

  9. 28:25 🙂 Thanks. You did a great job with this interview and they gave very straightforward answers.

  10. Thanks for a good interview. Thanks to this its on my “to check list”.

    I did notice some inconsistencies in their white paper, Like that Golem is noted in it (as a competitor?) while they say Golem is not in the chat. Will check out some more before I buy. In my opninion Golem still has the edge in short-mid term investment, but if SONM will make true what they say in the whitepaper it is a good one for the longer term. Golem already has a use case working. When will SONM have something (or did I miss it)?

    I always enjoy seeing these kinds of projects as a programmer and invester and I wish them well with their product.

    I always enjoy looking at your videos. Thanks!

  11. I think that the idea is they are not trying to talk about Golem as a competitor anymore as they want to do more! SONM guys are already working with Selectel but as back office support so to say. However most of what they want to do is still to come! Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

  12. Doesn’t seem super likely, you never know though could get some FUD of some variety of market drama.

  13. Thanks for your reply.

    Its good that they have a partnership and that they have big ideas. I did some more research about them and I saw that they are running behind according to their technical roadmap (which they were honest about in the video). I also do not see too much activity on their github. I think they need more staff to push this harder.
    Thinking big is nice, but good programmers are hard to find.

    I do like their plans and I think that if things will happen accordingly that the current price is a bargain. Still think this is a good long term investment.

  14. Hey Lark. I send you a private message, but I do not know if it works, because its my first time doing it.. What I want to add to it is check bittrex.. something really strange is going on there with high buys and sell being placed to let the price stay at its current price. Interesting enough? You can even do a video about it. Cheers

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