Something INCREDIBLE is Happening RIGHT NOW!!! MUST WATCH! Bitcoin News

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Bitcoin is about to explode in a way you would never expect.We look at a range of bitcoin news and BTC price action which shows why the bitcoin price is likely to go up even higher over the coming months and years.

00:00 This video will not disappoint
01:52 Crypto is anti fragile
03:30 Bitcoin to $20k and higher
03:53 Stocks down, bitcoin up
06:20 BTC Above Major Resistance

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Something INCREDIBLE is Happening RIGHT NOW!!! MUST WATCH! Bitcoin News

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Timestamps ⏰
    00:00 This video will not disappoint
    01:52 Crypto is anti fragile
    03:30 Bitcoin to $20k and higher
    03:53 Stocks down, bitcoin up
    04:57 BIG MONEY
    06:20 BTC Above Major Resistance

  2. Do you think the alcoins will also profit from this btc bullishness? My altcoin portfolio is bleeding out.

  3. Decoupling.. Love it.. BTC looking strong.. keep your on Tellor for break out.. Super low supply. Q4 Boom time.. Nice precise update Thanks

  4. That was an interesting take on the recent negative news price and decoupling from the stock market 😊.

  5. YOU JUST MADE ME REALIZED THIS happening right now now recently made me think this could be a shift and bullish news

  6. Its good news but should be taken qith a grain of salt, your advice is very one side, you need to stop shilling these fomo videos

  7. A global pandemic, currently low income for household families and major inflation are what is causing certain asset classes to swing in the positive. Once BTC investors need to eat, the market will drop again. ‘Tis all

  8. I’m a subscriber and will still be a subscriber after this comment. Weather your right or wrong about crypto the last time I actually watched one of your videos was months ago. Reason being I’m tired of the of every single headline that pops up from your channel is HUGE CRYPO NEWS!!!!!!!!!
    today’s video was ok so thank you.
    I’m sorry I’m just tired of every single person on YouTube trying to be that guy that called it..Just my opinion.and thank you

  9. for the short term most of alts will get some gains but for the long term just a few alts will make it

  10. when it really starts happening normally alts and bitcoin take it in turms pumping every other day. alts pump then people park their profits in bitcoin, thats how it happed the other bull market

  11. Hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaahahah…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH……Hahahahahahahhahahahaa….Me too.

  12. Amazing video! Btc steals the spotlights and will always, the secret behind crypto currency is to build a portfolio*, know your values, now its sitting around $11700. Personally I’m still accumulating even now. I started investing in crypto last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment on YouTube about Benjamin Jackson I didn’t hesitate to contact him, I traded with him and went from having 1.5 Btc to 7 Btc. Thanks to the lady who posted about Benjamin. Let’s keep spreading words about him to help the Ignorant people who are losing, If you have less than 3 Bitcoins or more why not trade it and make more profits? It’s no news that Benjamin Jackson has been helping so many of us out here with new working strategies to trade our Bitcoin. Imagine selling each of them at $20k in a few months. Contact him via maiI: (BenjaminJacksontv@Yahoo . Com) &.TeIegram @BenjaminJackson

  13. Benjamin’s strategy is lucrative, but I made 4.17 bitcoin with 1 bitcoin in 28 days, unlike my friends, they made higher and we signed up on it the same time, is there anything am doing wrong.

  14. @John Baker I think it has to with the leverage you’re trading with. They might trade with very high leverage on certain trades

  15. I am so interested in knowing what the market cap will be by the end of the the year.well so far i am still learning from Benjamin.

  16. Always backup your trading with a good strategy, else the bear market will hit you so hard, and you might wake up losing your saving, that’s crypto for you

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