SmartCash – Driving Cryptocurrency Adoption

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Zaphoid and I discuss the latest from smartcash, the bitcoin confidential airdrop, the recent stress test, adoption in Brazil and Venezuela, and much more.

Disclosure: This is an unpaid interview for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, recording and posting for educational purposes. Furthermore, I currently have not invested in this project, but may consider doing so in the future.


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SmartCash – Driving Cryptocurrency Adoption


  1. Actually Bitcoin Confidential is not a fork of SmartCash. It’s a completely different coin. I hear the developers of both work together.

  2. Love the idea, low fees and control over my money. But sadly if you had purchased it last year around this time SmartCash and other Crypto’s have lost tons of value. They criticized paper money that has lost tons of value. Unfortunately crypto’s have suffered the same fate. Some as high as 99% loss

  3. Thx for bringing this together. I have been a big fan of smart so far, but haven’t seen much coverage…masternodes are cheap – I need to grab some ASAP!

  4. I wish smartcash would get listed on bittrex. This is a true cryptocurrency! Ty so much for this video interview.

  5. “We are trying to get the currency back into cryptocurrencies.” That’s it. I’m sold to your project! 🙂

  6. What’s that flag behind him? And the outfit.. bit agressive? Looks like a scene from a Mussolini broadcast. Interesting plans.. presentation??

  7. SmartCash is a ponzi that supported a few whales. The original idea was excellent with a nice brand name, the whole Hive thing, ZCoin Privacy features, and a block reward “Community Fund” but the reality is SmartCash has been a disaster. The team that supports it simply didn’t have the skills to handle updates after the fork and it has been one problem after another. Fact is Zcoin and others have managed just fine but SmartCash team had to give up without any consultation with the community and striped out all the Privacy. Any complaints was met with ban. The coin also had endless problems with their exchanges like Cryptopia and HitBTC and the feedback from Cryptopia was that SmartCash team is poor at communication, unorganized, and don’t manage the relationships with their exchange to the same level as other coins. Meanwhile the Community Fund is also mismanaged, and any uncomfortable questions about the funds have been met with members being banned. We only ever see a few chosen insiders jetting off to junkets at a resort and crypto conferences and now that the coin is dead (a Masternode isn’t worth hosting) they became very desperate to launch a fresh Ponzi… enter Bitcoin Confidential. If you visit their Discord you will see no support from the SmartCash community for this stupid coin – its pushed by just the same handful of shills and any complaints is met by ban! As for the “cash” use-case – simply look at the ever reducing volume, and notice that what volume does occur has nothing to do with retail in South America… Sad.

  8. Why would they do that ? i thought Bitcoin Confidential was from May. its not so fresh and they dont do ICO. How can it be a ponzi ?

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