SEC Issues Notice to Investors – Government Regulation on Cryptocurrency?

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The SEC has issued a notice to cryptocurrency investors about the risk of investing into cryptocurrency.

SEC Issues Notice to Investors – Government Regulation on Cryptocurrency?


  1. Why does anyone still listen to these unelected traitors. They have a war on drugs a war on illegals ect…let them blow smoke and  try to intimidate as the lawmakers are going away day by day.

  2. Anything that the Gov can do to screw over the American people they do it.. God forbid we get ahead a little bit in life..

  3. Decentralized everyone needs to put on big boy pants and take responsibility. No running to the government when we get into trouble.

  4. Can you talk a bit about taxes? I know it’s boring, but there’s very little information and guidance about how to report and what to report with regard to crypto profits. No one wants an audit,.

  5. sooner or later, governments and Legacy finance will take over Cryptocurrency. This is why I’m betting on ADA Cardano

  6. It’s our responsibility to make sure what we invest in meets the criteria of a sound investment, not the governments. We don’t need, and should not accept, their intervention.

  7. Sean Eskes I prefer the hackers too. The gov throw in jail the hackers just take your money

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