SEC Crashing the Market? Plus BAT and Enigma – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about the SEC and them charging the founder of EtherDelta for running an unregistered exchange. He also gives you a brief overview of Enigma and the latest from Basic Attention Token. This is a daily segment!
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SEC Charges EtherDelta Founder With Operating An Unregistered Exchange

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SEC Crashing the Market? Plus BAT and Enigma – Today's Crypto News


  1. The SEC is definitely market manipulating for their whales and financial institutions. They keep pushing off ETF rulings, attacking decentralization, etc… They are terrified of blockchain technology and the impacts to traditional fiats, banking/lending, etc… and they are holding things down until their interests and crypto coffers are positioned. This isn’t just a US government issue… it’s everyone: China, South Korea, India, etc… IMO

  2. ridiculous. the guy just wanted to be left alone, so he paid, since he could afford it. next time, we should start such a project from the high seas, and don’t communicate any names of people involved. they really think thay can stop decentralised exchanges?….

  3. Great Video! Really love your channel! Keep up the good work! A ray of sunshine in a bear market! Keep the education coming!

  4. Hey take a peek at ELEC (Electrify.Asia). They just received direct investment/funding from TEPCO (large energy retailer in Japan)

  5. So are decentralized exchanges really decentralized? I thought that was the whole purpose of decentralization, so THEY cant f*$k with us. And or please tell us real decentralized exchanges and differences between them and ether delta. Thx love ur channel

  6. S Brown I’m sick and tired of all the week scared people in this market I have never seen that before my life a little bit of bad news and the whole market changes

  7. It’s dead for a while. Whales came in and bought every thing the past couple weeks. Ya can not buy anything out there without it dropping 3% 10%

  8. Decentralized exchanges simply means, for the most part, that the exchange doesn’t have custody of your tokens. EtherDelta is based in Chicago, which I’m assuming is why the SEC had jurisdiction to impose said penalties

  9. The recent actions really do demonstrate that the SEC is Crypto”s Cryptonite !!
    Until this mob of manipulators shape this space to exactly the way they deem suitable, we are going nowhere unfortunately

  10. They also constantly try to change the terms: Crypto Currency in Crypto Asset, Blockchain in DLT…I am waiting what is next for change term Decentralization.

  11. I think that BAT should award Brave users with small portion of tokens as well.. now we get monthly to award those sites we visit the most with tokens. It just not motivating as much tbh.. also Brave browser really worked fast at first, maybe first 2 weeks,then it get slower like Chrome..

  12. Im a huge fan of Enigma and at its peak the price was over $8.00 usd. Its sitting at .46 cents today Nov. 15th 2018.

  13. Mr Jacob Lowery, he is a remarkable trader no doubt. I actually see a future for binary options with him. He could be of help if contacted on WhatsApp (+19292243708)

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