Seal Network ICO – Fight Counterfeiting with the Currency of Authenticity

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Seal Network is using NFC chips and blockchain to combat the global epidemic of counterfeit goods. A well developed product and very strong industry connections make Seal Network an ICO to be aware of.
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Please note that the numbers were wrong for the currency state of counterfeiting – it is already an industry well in excess of a trillion dollars and is expected to reach nearly 3 trillion in 2022.

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Seal Network ICO – Fight Counterfeiting with the Currency of Authenticity


  1. Haven’t done a second of research on this buuuut, I’d imagine the presence of the correct NFC chip denotes authenticity. Whats to stop organised crime from stealing a bunch of chips ooor the keys required to write ‘legitimate’ chips?

  2. Hi Crypto lark, Please cover Morpheus Network if you have time. This is also covered by Datadash on his channel

  3. nice review about an awesome project. I see huge potential in,so deff worth adding to your portfolio

  4. Great review! Also I just wanted to give you a shout out for letting us know about!

  5. Very good product, team, business model and growing partnership/customer base. I’m all in on this one.

  6. The chips have three layers of AES-128 security. Also, they have a digital partner on the Blockchain which need to be in sync, this is done by a dynamic counter in the chip. I’d recommended reading the WP.

  7. Review on ACHAIN. Has double Dapps than Neo, more than 1000 tps, Consensus: RDPOS, PundiX was initially built on Achain blockchain and Achain has invested on Pundix.

  8. Great review. One of the best I’ve seen on problem Seal addresses is HUGE and there’s certainly room for competition. With great tech, a great team and a committed and passionate community, Seal will be one of the successes of 2018.

  9. Great project! I got in very early on. The potential of a European company compared to all others being in CHINA is a game changer! Any brand will see this and work with them. Their partnership with Deloitte is top notch and is already providing them with customers, they have ties to the European Comission (how do I know? Pay attention in their telegram channel & Twitter!. The EU comission is active there!) They are the ONLY blockchain company in the IACC (international anti counterfeit coalition) and have partnered with REACT (european anti counterfeit coalition). To everyone saying they are the knockoff/counterfeit, how is it so that NO OTHER in the same field is even remotely tied to these kinds of organizations anywhere? To the moon baby!

  10. Vechain has already done that except with RFID. Plenty of room for more than 1 company in the global market though tbf

  11. 💪👍 Very interesting review . 💯% require attention . Thank you for reviewing it 🔥👍

  12. Dave Midds definitely have all the right connections and partnerships in place very early on in the project!! Think they will have a HUGE year this year.

  13. runeblades People are so quick to over look how MASSIVE these partnerships are and what they mean for the future of seal!! So true!

  14. Sean Lemmermann Its not who does it first its who does it better! Definitely agree tho that the market is HUGE and plenty of room for more than one player to succeed!

  15. Amazing project, different technology, based out of Europe (not China) and already some big partnerships (Deloitte). Gonna be huge!

  16. timothygerritsen oh yes we all saw wine bottle and QR code scanner,deff not an RFID, and also a company for their chips which doesnt even know what chips they are making 😀

  17. Hello CryptoLark, I spoke this morning (cest) with the CEO of Seal Token. I was wondering if you have seen “Seal Businnes Development Q1 2018”?
    Can you do an interview with the CEO Bart Verschoor?

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