Samsung S10 – Bitcoin Bull Run Catalyst? Best Phone?

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Samsung S10 – the cryptocurrency phone of the future? Bitcoin bull run catalyst? How do other phones compare?



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Samsung S10 – Bitcoin Bull Run Catalyst? Best Phone?


  1. In my experience HTC is better than Samsung. I would not trust Huawei to not be giving my data to the Chinese government.

  2. +R S
    *>you got guts man! I am stacking my dollars for a few more months before I buy ANYTHING!*
    Thanks bro. I learned my lesson in the past. I can’t predict when this market will turn around and I’ve been left fomoing in after the bottom hit. That happened during the bitcoin civil war. So now I just buy and hold.
    As an added bonus (since I don’t trade) I did my taxes yesterday. 15 minutes to fill out the EZ form and I was done. I should be getting 1100 back in a few weeks. Hmm, there was something I was going to buy with it. I wonder what it was? LOL!

  3. Yes outreach is important. Me and another bitcoiner brought a new bitconier accross yesterday. He investigates historical events himself rather than depending on lying institutions like the Smithsonian and Universities. They seem to suppress as much history as they accept. Archaeologists who dig up things that they disagree with either agree to have their finds hushed up or they lose their career and their credentials. So these days if we want to learn what’s really going on we have to rely on amateur researchers like this guy. Anyway channels that you tube considers conspiracy wackos are getting demonetized and shutdown so it was pretty easy to get him to look into bitcoin. The channel name is Observation Deck and here’s the video. This sort of thing seems like insanity to normal people but I’m convinced a good portion of it is true.

  4. pundi is selling the software behind their blockchain X phone to larger companies like sam or apple

  5. Sounds like hardware wallets may soon become must-have features for competing phone makers 🤞🏼

  6. It’s the start from the wallets and within a next year we would have all the phones with wallets in built.. So be excited… Crypto people

  7. I’m due for new phone soon and I’m a customer that will demand that my phone has a cold storage feature from now on. Market expectations can change pretty quickly.

  8. The only bullrun will be on the S10 😆 That’s the only purpose of the “leak”, if any.

  9. Sirin Labs Phone…. OR a Nano S Ledger, a nice android for 400 and 500 bucks worth of coinz?…..hmmm…….

  10. BrandonVS its their plan to sell to larger companies. go to their telegram. they arent trying to compete trying to sell their xphone lol

  11. When I first heard bitcoin sometime in 2010, I want to own one but I had no idea how it works. I was young and the internet was new to me at that time. There was probably not a single video tutorial about how to get a bitcoin at that time. Facebook now literally has millions of FB groups and pages talking about how to use bitcoin, how to earn bitcoin, how to transact bitcoin, etc. If Samsung integrates bitcoin wallet on every smartphones they sell and provide links to educate users on how it works, it will gain rapid adoption in a month or so.

  12. They can’t sell phones without a backdoor to the NSA in America. Putting your crypto on this phone is insanity at best.

  13. i think so it seems like all phones will probably have wallets by next year, things are moving faster all the time

  14. Samsung is good option. Those wallets that make this wallets like a mobile phone are probably best
    vs using one mobile phone all in one. is my opinion of best option.
    I wonder how Huawei ranks in here. lol, considering im watching this video on my Huaweii at moment, lol (oops). Maybe they are spying on me and you at this very moment. recording every move. lol. Thanks for sharing as usual, sincerely JR

  15. I knew about the wallet in the galaxy several months ago. I seriously don’t think this well cause a bull run.

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