Safex Delisted From Bittrex? Buy The Dip?

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Recently Safex founder Daniel Dabek announced that Safex was being delisted from Bittrex. The price of Safex has fallen and investor confidence has fallen. Now the question we have for you, is this the time to get in to Safex?

Safex Delisted From Bittrex? Buy The Dip?


  1. guys…this should be a slap in the face on why you should get on a decentralized exchange…think about it…Bittrex and POLO both have taken Bitshares offline many times..its because they are a threat to centralized exchanges and i gurantee the SEC is telling them or threatening them by listing these..Safex is a huge idea to have a marketplace free of centralized governments and collusion…get your money off these time bombs….BTW guys..i wouldn’t be surprised if Safex gets listed on Bitshares or another decentralized exchange…this may be what Dan was referring to…BTFD

  2. PS…People, buy low and holdl. Research, buy, and head for high ground…The Herd is coming! The People and the world are waking up to Crypto Currencies…trust Me! Be knowledgeable, listen to Jeff…Then Head For High Ground The Herd is Coming and It Will Turn To A Stampede Later! See it Safely From High Above With Your Portfolio and Core Postions in Place… Just Saying.

  3. Can you make a video in regard of these new ICO lending platforms? also give us your opinions. Thanks.

  4. I am totally on the same page with you. This whole delisting crap will make the safex team stronger and get to the next level.

  5. thank you a loooot jeff i did a move for safex last night,i bought 11000coin, it is one of the best moves i make for just following ur strategy, keep up the good work you and your teem, u guys are the best

  6. hey, so what happens to my coins on bittrex? I hold some there but i have been waiting for account verification for a month now and I cant withdraw it…

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