Safe Storage Options for Altcoins Cryptocurrency – Hardware Wallet,, Paper Wallet

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Currently safe storage for cryptocurrency is questionable.Requiring many of us to adopt a diverse storage strategy. Many wallets lack the option to store all altcoins along with Bitcoin in the same place. Some choose to store on multiple different wallets while waiting for a truly universal wallet solution to become available. Maybe Ethos will be that option,.

Safe Storage Options for Altcoins Cryptocurrency – Hardware Wallet,, Paper Wallet


  1. Thanks for the video! I didn’t know about Ethos and it seems like it’s a complete product. I’ve recently came across a cool ICO called Peer Mountain, they have a great project and I’m sure that the launch of their trust decentralized ecosystem will be revolutionary. You should check them out 😉

  2. MEW with MetaMask works great. But only ERC tokens. We need a wallet that can fit all coins.

  3. The fees are ridiculous. Anytime you transfer a coin theres a fee. When you buy $50 worth of coins, is it even worth it to transfer offline?

  4. When ETHOS get rolled out it will change everything. Every Coin/token/fiat in the world. If and when they pull that off it’ll really bring in the masses!!!!!!

  5. sucks every time one transfers coin to a wallet you lose coins for transferring out of an exchange

  6. This is one reason we know for sure that we are still early adopters. Can you imagine grandma trying to figure out a Ledger Nano and configuring it with MEW? Until the whole wallet thing gets figured out and is easy for grandma to use crypto will never be used as a standard currency to buy things. Waiting to see what Ethos is going to do to make this easier.

  7. Jeff love the videos but here’s a warning don’t buy Hardware Wallets on eBay because they could be compromised and hacked

  8. I am using Exodus and like it alot. They are growing there support of many coins and eventually you can completely abandon exchanges entirely!

  9. Enjin wallet…..holds btc, litecoin, ethereum and most ERC-20 tokens… updates list daily. Pretty good wallet.

  10. If it comes out anywhere close to what they are planning, it’s going to make basically all wallets and Coinbase obsolete.

  11. I must say, if this system wants old money to come in, then they need to make this process easier. I am the OG crypto granny and figured things out myself. If only 4% of my generation is in this, think of where it might be in the future once they get this wallet thing solved. Veritaseum may be the solution for the large big money if they can get into that space easily. Who doesn’t like easy?

  12. Deb Holtz No disrespect to you or any other tech savvy granny but out of curiosity how old are you? I had my grandma in mind when making the comment. She is almost 90 and she still has to go shopping and buy things. She doesn’t even have a smartphone so…

  13. I couldn’t agree more Scot. Because i don’t have a fortune in Exchange,,i would lose a quarter of it transferring out!

  14. Why cant someone design encription software for norman regular jump drives/thumb drives it seems like it would be easy dont you think?

  15. Lamski 1000% agree!! Until there is a simple to use wallet that is virtually unhackable,stores almost any legitimate coin and has very low fees its going to be hard for the “old money” to trust crypto and come join the party!!

  16. Deb Holtz Not counting you put,just spread the word as much as you can! It’s hard for millennials to convince most older adults to even take a look at crypto! Many older folks think even BITCOIN is a scam!

  17. Hi Rollando, the Ethos fiat gateway will be released in Q2. It will be massive! US, EU and Singapore will be first, others will roll out quickly after that because the first mentioned are the hardest to solve in terms of regulations.

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