Russia Block Bitcoin Exchanges – Central Bank War for Control Continues

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The continuing drama in Russia unfolds as the Central Bank issues a ban on exchanges.

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Russia Block Bitcoin Exchanges – Central Bank War for Control Continues


  1. What do you mean the US is among the top in money laundering ? We’re #1 We’re #1 We’re #1 !!! 😎

  2. They are Just banning the average Joe, its not good to BTc and Crypto related things, but there Will be dips and it would give us more time to buy cheap.
    I think until we see some really treat nothing Will happen.

  3. First time I’ve heard the Lark rip on someone/something (Russia), can’t say I wasn’t impressed haha

  4. Please do a review on Aventus (AVT). It recently got listed on Bitfinex. It’s at ICO price right now, meaning it still has growth and value potential. Great team, and a real use case product offering.

    PS. I was right about Neblio, I’m sure I’m right about this coin too :). I’m hodling this coin, I won’t sell it like I did Neblio.

  5. Lark spitting truth bombs like an absolute boss, i love it, keep em comin brother and VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!

  6. this dude is so fkn chill… lark is the type of persons that you will never get bored of their company ♥

  7. According to some articles, the EU wil have the ‘legal authority’ to ban cryptocurrencies starting january 2018…

  8. Great amazing your like Pablo Escobar of the crypto world. I like you a lot pal. Just started Facebook for crypto and already have 200 plus people into Facebook. Needless to say your on it all the time

  9. Well said Lark about the central bankers being afraid of crypto’s, and note they used the same arguments about money laundering & terrorism when the internet first came along. If the crypto Ruble happens… it will be worth as much as crypto rhubarb…

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