Robinhood Stock Trading App – Update 2 – BUYING OUR FIRST STOCK!

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We finally did it! we got a great stock today, FBP. It's a Puerto Rican central banking system. We will watch how the stock develops over the while! Stick around to find out what happens.

Robinhood Stock Trading App – Update 2 – BUYING OUR FIRST STOCK!


  1. How long did it take for the purchase to actually go through and for the stock to be credited to your account? I keep hearing three days or something like that.

  2. +cavyman7 You get it right away. The 3 days is for after you sell. US SEC rules says you have to wait 3 days for funds to settle. That why you wait. Noting to do with the app.

  3. I’m not a expert at this but can you just buy NYSE stock or is it all stocks on the market? I don’t really know if someone could explain

  4. Hello Dragoon! It’s really a variety of exchanges. Most NASDAQ and NYSE stocks are available. Some outliers are also available.

  5. Most of the stocks available are from the NYSE and NASDAQ. However, some international securities are available for purchase as well. I will be making a video explaining this soon.

  6. I’m interested in using this app I’m choosing between it and trade king which is under 5 dollars per trade which is decent. Question I’ve heard people say it takes 5 days to deposit money here via ACH does anyone have first hand knowledge how long after you sent ach was money available? Also has anyone made withdraw did they give you any problems and how long did that take via ach withdraw? Also I know about the 3 day SEC rule for settled funds but if you have other funds you can still use those unused funds to make another trade correct? Also are there quotes live feed or delayed? Has anyone compared there quotes with a live feed to see if it’s the same?

  7. What’s up Cory!? Everything with robinhood is pretty darn smooth. Deposited funds are usually available to be spent on stocks within three (sometimes two) days of deposit. In terms of selling stock to collect funds – money from sold stocks takes about two days to appear as spendable in your robinhood account, and can be transferred to your bank account completely within about five days of the sale. As for unsettled funds and available cash; if you have cash available that has cleared and is separate from unsettled funds, you can spend that money on stocks or send it back to your bank account. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and check out other videos for more information.

  8. +TechCrackHouse Do they offer stop order or stop loss yet or trailing stops yet or do they only have market and limit orders? I guess you could put a sell limit order is that possible that’s similar to stop order..what’s best bet for safety net there?

  9. They offer just about everything besides trailing stops. In other words, you’re pretty much covered in terms of stopping loss.

  10. +Peter Eley was this app new and legit, does it charge when you sell stock, and i guess it just go’s back in my account

  11. This app is legitimate. It won’t do anything shady, and is trustworthy. There is no charge when selling stock, and funds from sold stock go back into your robinhood account for spending.

  12. I just got this on my phone today and the dinosaur brokers know there day is coming to an end. That’s the only thing I can guess

  13. I know it has been awhile since you made this video, but how’d you do with the stock you purchased?


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