1. you can just buy more with the dividends if you choose, there are no fees so no point in drip system

  2. this petition will actually go nowhere. Because Robin Hood does not deal in fractional shares. The only way to get a drip program is to have fractional shares.

  3. TECHCRACK giftcard!!! lol Hey I have a question! I have a few dividend payments pending. If I were to sell my stocks paying the div, would I in turn NOT be paid the dividend???

  4. I was looking over their Facebook page the other day and noticed they’d mentioned to someone in the comments that they’re currently looking into/working on implementing a drip system. They said it’s one of the most requested features of the community and that “they are listening”.

  5. Robing hood is free it’s going to mean they have more work to do, leave them alone before they decide to start charging people, they do make some money with Margin, but Margin doesn’t really pay us to have because the divis are used up by paying the Margin fees, which are too high.

  6. I created a robinhood account last week (February 9th), it’s been 7 days and it’s still under review. Should I e-mail support or wait a little longer? Just looking for some input, thanks!

  7. I know this is an old question, but for those wondering, yes. You will still be paid as long as you’ve been a stock holder during the execution date and record date of the dividend you should receive the payment.

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