1. Get ready to listen but I can already say thank you for doing this because I just heard your first one this morning

  2. First point, the whales would always manipulate bitcoin so holding on for future would definitely be a disappointment. Secondly, you will never be able to invest at the very bottom of the fall because you are definitely going to miss it. Reason is that we will never know the bottom only until we are out of it but for now bitcoin will stagnate as right now and then drop some more below $3,000 until the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year so what any smart investor should do is accumulate now and find a working system to use in expanding that portfolio over and over again until the bull run. I got 5 more BTC last month and now, with Ryley Wilson’s signals and strategy, i have grown that to 11 BTC already and i intend adding another 3 BTC every other month and growing them so with this strategy, when bitcoin value eventually start skyrocketing, i would have had a very good stock in my portfolio. It is common knowledge that Adrian Markus’s signals and trade strategy are some of the best and speaking with him for the first time 2 months ago gave me a clearer understanding of how to make money and propelled me into this system of his that has really helped me in growing my portfolio. You can reach him on (Adrianmarkus48@gmailcom) OR if you need advice or any assistance to help you trade

  3. Perfect video, when you do the buying and the selling, please teach it as if you’ve never heard the term analogies.
    Most people that are teaching that are assuming we already know the terminology and a lot of us don’t.

    Make a great day and once again thank you

  4. Indeed Mike is one of the best traders in the crypto world, I have made so much profits fro m trading with him recommended strategy and now I have recently made over 8 btc

  5. I invest in him immediately I receive profit for the week. He is a trustworthy trader. He doesn’t want to earn your money he wants to earn dignity.

  6. Mr Mike Harry has proven to be trustworthy, he has changed lives and guided many through financial hurdles.

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