Robinhood App – 5 Best Blue-chip Stocks with Dividends of 2016! (LMT, T, NS, SCCO, AGNC)

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Robinhood App – 5 Best Blue-chip Stocks with Dividends of 2016! (LMT, T, NS, SCCO, AGNC)


  1. +Britain Reynolds No problem! I’ll keep the content coming.

  2. +Steven johnson Sure thing! I’ll keep them coming.

  3. hey i’m just starting out with some spare pocket change. Do you know of any good ones that are cheaper to buy?

  4. It needs to be removed from this list; It has done so poorly recently (and not recently).

  5. Thanks for the question, Jonathan! I will look into covering that.

  6. +Jr Zaragoza I can try, but it’ll take a while to compile!

  7. I’m shocked you never mention Procter & gamble, or con Edison. Proctor & gamble has had over 60 years of growth, surviving stock market crashes. Because it’s a commodity, it actually has a great potential to make the share holder more money during a market storm.

    And con Edison has over 40 years of growth, and its energy. I like your picks, but there are so many companies that are far better than the ones you covered. Target stores is another. And I mean wow. I have at least 25 more that are complete head spinners!

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