Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2020 | Misunderstanding about Ripple XRP | Updates

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Ripple XRP : 2019 Overview, 2020 In View, Ripple reflects on surprising events in 2019, predicts what's in stock for the crypto space in 2020. Overview of Multiple XRP price predictions from various sources and Long-Standing Ripple XRP Price Forecast Of 20 USD Still Valid. Ripple Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 | Realistic XRP Price Prediction. Misunderstandings About Ripple And XRP. Zooming in on some of the most common misunderstandings about Ripple's products, their business model and XRP. Ripple the Company, which uses cryptocurrency for cross-border payments, is now valued at $10 billion. Ripple Releases 1,256,000,000 XRP, Part of It Goes to Wallet Allegedly Belonging to Chris Larsen. XRP Is about to Become the Worst Performing Coin among Top-10 Cryptocurrencies in 2019.


Ripple: 2019 Overview, 2020 In View

Best Ripple Price Prediction 2020

List: Best Ripple Price Prediction 2020 and Fundamental Analysis

An XRP Price Forecast For 2020


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Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2020 | Misunderstanding about Ripple XRP | Updates

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  1. XRP $17 by the end of this decade? That might be a little low IMO.. Time will tell ⏰ Thanks for vids.. 🤘🤩👍

  2. 2032 will be the year Ripple/XRP shine.
    HODL those bags, and for God’s sake don’t die. 😁

  3. The typical crypto market cap is not what XRP will be valued by. Once the banking/government systems use the ILP and the XRP as a bridge token, the value will be based on the amount of liquidity there is for transactions, that will push the price up along with greed of people holding for certain long term price.
    The Value of XRP hasn’t even begun, wait until the world decides to move their independent currency’s between borders.

  4. The XRP price hasn’t moved because all of Ripple’s initiatives are OFFLINE. This includes OTC purchases by financial institutions. Notice that Ripple makes the news everyday and it’s positive news.
    Price only moves when XRP is bought ONLINE. The monthly 1 Billion dollar XRP escrow dump doesn’t help either. That is 4 years away from ending. That’s when I see MASSIVE price movement. It could go way past $17 by then. XRP has the best use-case of all digital assets.

  5. One of the competitors for XRP is Reserve Protocol, they are building a Decentralized stable coin RSV

  6. XRP is a terrible investment imo. Was a good buy at .01 and the way the team controls so much of the supply and the fact it’s governance isn’t even fully decentralized is a big no from me. Stellar is better than xrp.

  7. You cant compete with RIPPLE or XRP using a stable coin. Making this claim only shows how little you know.

  8. There’s a project for everyone out there. Personally, I’m not an XRP fan at all, but that’s just my opinion. If XRP is your thing, good for you. If not, there are many other legitimate projects to explore.

  9. Matty why do you keep saying Ripple when you’re talking about XRP? Ripple is the company and XRP is the token. Anyways XRP will be the best performing digital asset over the next ten years easy. No other digital asset is currently being using for payments by financial institutions, theres three Central Banks (The European Central Bank) being the largest that creating a CBDC that will run on R3’s Corda’s network. The same network that ONLY settles in XRP. How about SBI Ripple Asia and consortium of 61 banks that are staring to use XRP. All the banks in India are Ripplenet and have access to on demand liquidity, 78% of of the Itialian banks will be ODL by March 2020. Ripple was included in Donald Trumps Executive Order 13772 faster payments task force. This is just the beginning. Everything will interledger protocol. But you guys don’t see it because you haven’t done a deep dive into Ripple and XRP.

  10. These price predictions for XRP are not accounting for one important thing. The Federal Reserve inflating the Repo markets so heavily that massive $ devaluations will occur. The question is how much buying power will the US economy drop as the collapse begins in earnest.

  11. I fail to understand how a SWIFT replacement coin used between banks for cross border payments benefits everyday joe schmoe for individual value. I would rather invest in projects that will be used and have value for the every day person, like BTC, LTC and what I believe will be the onramp of normal people into crypto, ETN. XRP fans always tout about all the utility it has, yet I have yet to understand exactly what that utility is with all the research I have done on it. GL to all those that choose to invest in XRP!

  12. Well, if past performance is indication of future results………I see it at $0.09 at the end of 2020.

  13. If you can – chart out to Dec. 15 2018 – btc dipped to 3K – had you bought it then – you’d be ahead.. But who wants to plunk down three thousand on digital beanie babies?

  14. R.I.P. XRP never again I will invest to fuel that xrp bubble. On it’s last ath run XRP ripped and demonisch the whole Bitcoin valuation with billions of unusable xrp scam tokens. GL to all the ripple believers.

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