Ripple XRP Hires Big Shot from Google! ENJ and SEND Updates – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about Ripple hiring a top exec from Google and a new listing. He also gives you an update on ENJ and Social Send. This is a daily segment!
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Ripple Hires Google’s Messaging Tech Leader to Push RippleNet Adoption

Blockchain startup hires away Google's messaging tech leader

Enjin Twitter Updates

Enjin Wallet Update: Security Audit, New ERC-1155 Features & Supported Games

Build Blockchain Based Games

Social Send Twitter Updates

Social Send


Satoshi Coin


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Ripple XRP Hires Big Shot from Google! ENJ and SEND Updates – Today's Crypto News


  1. I could have made 17,000$ off of the 900$ I put into the ENJ ICO last October, but sold early at like 8 cents then watched it rocket all the way to 46cents lmao.

  2. P3DHeem
    I just hate XRP government coin. Rooting for bitcoin, lite coin, and ethereum mostly. I am against XRP no matter how much money I would lose. I pray the outcome of XRP is laggard.

  3. With everything ripple is doing, they might as well change their name to Cryptosoft ! If you aren’t in XRP, the train is going to leave the station without you !

  4. Harison McMahon
    Hopefully a great application will come out making the use of crypto currencies easily adaptable to most individuals. Wether it be Bitcoin, Lite coin or Ethereum, as well as other possibilities, there is mass use case. I suppose whoever incorporates their coin first will win with a few trailing behind. There will be other use cases for other coins and tokens as well.

  5. Thirty Three now that’s a realistic prediction everyone around us right now things $589 to 1k is realistic lmao

  6. Quantum resonance Frequencies you should also look into calculating market cap with those prices, it’s not rocket science 😉

  7. KYD does not say they stop scams, just because there’s a police force doesn’t mean theirs no more crime

  8. That’s good news. Only one scam. Be informed that since then, they make only public verifications now. No more private verifications because they don’t want to be the police. They want you and me to know our developer. Then it’s up to us if we decide to trust him or not. That’s the point. KYD remains an excellent project for safety in the Crypto-Space.

  9. +Kos Das When I said police force I wasn’t referring to KYD as police but yes they have a fantastic project that the space has been crying out for.

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