Remme ICO Review – Passwordless Security Courtesy of Blockchain

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The team at Remme have developed a passwordless system of digital certificates for business to help prevent data breaches using the blockchain.
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Remme ICO Review – Passwordless Security Courtesy of Blockchain


  1. Hey Lark great review. I could really use a service like this as I have password fatigue 🙂
    Distributed immutable and unhackable is a great idea for identification management
    Shame I missed the pre sale

  2. I got into cryptos back in July, and I somehow found out about this project sometime in August when I was spending something like 8 hours a day researching projects and anything to do with the market, and I have been (im)patiently waiting this token’s time to go live since then. Out of all the projects I have seen, this is one of the top 5 projects that I think I have been excited for and am going to invest in. I am just imagining integration with things like Lastpass or other Password Managers and IOT and in awe at how widely used something like Remme could be one day!

  3. Got whitelisted a few days back :). Please do an Interview with Michael Stollaire the Ceo of Titanium Blockchain. (BAR).

  4. I LOVE THIS TECH! This tech is SO over due. With the problems that have existed for decades on the internet, I can’t believe this wasn’t the reason block chain tech was invented. I’m just sorry I didn’t see this soon enough to get on the white list.

  5. Lark did say that the whitest is closed for the presale. …but you can still buy on public sale where I think there is still also a 10% discount available in the first couple of days if I understood corectly

  6. I like you, i hope as you and your channel continues to grow and gains influence that you don’t change. You’re very objective and you’re well informed. Rare thing to come by, especially when talking about ICOs

  7. The leading people don’t have more than 1-2 years of experiences and so the leading tech people.

  8. The Future of Cyber Security! Passwordless Security! 100X Any update on this Coin?

  9. Undoubtedly this project will be very successful, and its platform will be in demand for a long time. But for investors to invest in this project is not so interesting. It is much better to invest in the same Tokgengo where the profit will be much greater, after the coins are released to the stock exchanges.

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