Puerto Rico’s Blockchain Revolution – Ignore Price Watch Results – Brock Pierce Interview


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Brock Pierce early Bitcoin and crypto investor and philanthropist discusses how blockchain can be a massive opportunity the Island of Puerto Rico. We also discuss the EOS alliance and and Crystal Rose's SENSE messaging app.


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Puerto Rico's Blockchain Revolution – Ignore Price Watch Results – Brock Pierce Interview

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  1. Some may have strong opinions about Brock Pierce based on theories rooted in rumor and lacking evidence. I hope you enjoy the insights from one of cryptos earliest and most successful investors with an open mind.

  2. Aside from the funky hats, dude is VERY much in tune with what’s going on. Why would people have “strong opinions” on him? Oh, I forgot, because that’s how people behave- based on what they HEARD and never experienced or observed for themselves… I’d forgotten about that!

    Lark, this was a fantastic interview!

  3. Thank shanks guys ! Such great perspective thank you for what all you guys do 4 blockchain technology. We have such a small community we cannot afford to take each other down I love you eos potential never thought I would say that,’ I have learned what you do I love electracoin community who has helped me learn and is call volunteer base great leaders with no pay or expectations truly on its own nsit5 algorithm I’m definitely going to check out sence #btc #ltc #neo #eos #eca electracoinproject.Org

  4. It’s cool that Wyoming is crypto friendly but they also have a state income tax. My own state is a bit leftist for me but there’s no income tax and concealed pistol licenses are easy to get.

  5. The crypto lark has become a really strong channel.. I much prefer this type of content, instead of the coin reviews that used to dominate a few months ago. I’ve certainly been watching this a lot more lately. Good work.. keep it up.. nick…. uk

  6. Brock certainly has a very strong insight and focused view of the space. I’ve seen him interviewed by Dallas rushing and he impressed me there too.. I like the idea that price is a gage of sentiment, especially at this stage of crypto’s development.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful interview , Love brock , and still have faith in EOS , even though I bought in @ 12$ and now it’s one dollar and eighty cents !

  8. This is not a test This is Crypto Lark Nation announcing the commencement of the Annual Perge sanctioned by the world Governments .Shilling /Scamming ,cocaine of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge.OG’s /early adopter’s those who sold @ATH and converted into stable coins have been granted immunity from the purge and shall not get rekt,Commencing Feb 2018 any and all dumping of bags onto noob investor’s,and the beating of super hero’s in crypto will be legal for 20 continuous months , Bulls , institutions ,your mom , blaming other’s,an emergency medical will be unavailable until the Bears have left and the purge concludes ,Blessed be Satoshi Nakamoto our new founding father a world reborn ,Purge the weak,cleanse thy bags,and may the Crypto God’s be with you ……………Loved the interview thanks Lark a huge thank you to Brock for comming on the show..CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn follow the crypto lark on twitter smash the “LIKE” SHARE “…… twitter.com/TheCryptoLark

  9. Power ledger just had a solar micro grid go live in Perth , if trial goes well they will roll it state wide.

  10. Due diligence research. Documentation, Testimony. *Clemency will be commensurate with cooperation…* “Get your house in Order…”

  11. +Tom Bo , you believe what you want but you are messing around a cesspool. You can dip your toe, or you can slide in with the rest of these reptiles…

  12. +Tiny Crypto Blog Jeffery Epstein is a billionaire so let’s get him on for some sound financial advice. Dennis Hastert could come on to give a little insight into politics, it’s a shame Jimmy saville is dead, his insight into charity work could be invaluable. I wonder how much Lark was paid for his integrity???

  13. +Miss J I don’t know anything about him and little boys, I appreciated the insight and information, in this interview, immensely. I hope you’re not spewing angry rhetoric, that nonsense is lame in the crypto world. Take what you can from his interview. If you know everything he’s talked about, then you’re ahead of the curve.

  14. He walked into it innocent like everyone else. In one sense this is Pandora’s realm and when you open that box you have to deal with the ghosts… *They will speak* and all of us have to get our hearts and our houses in Order.

    It’s time to everyone to “grow up” – Elvis isn’t going to sing you the song, “Behind closed doors” just because we don’t have the courage to look. Everyone has to leave our egos at the Door here because we are making changes everywhere together and we will not afford to ‘keep these devils’ for the other side. +The Mycroft

  15. Great interview. People can see what Brock is all about. And understand what are scams like bix weir and clif high are all about.

  16. He is going to screw you. They are already jumping ship on EOS to something else that is new to scam everyone again.

  17. This for sure is the interview of 2018!!!. One of the most influential people of all time in Crypto. Thanks for getting Mr. Brock Pierce on board. Sincerely JR

  18. This is a smooth talking child abuser and pedo, with some good insight into cryptos, who lies for a living. A virtue signalling scam artist who tells you exactly what you want to hear to gain your trust.

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