Protect Your Bitcoin Wealth – Huge Opportunity Prices for Crypto

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Lior Gantz shares his insights on protecting your Bitcoin wealth, finding opportunities in the markets, and what is going on with Wall Street.

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Protect Your Bitcoin Wealth – Huge Opportunity Prices for Crypto


  1. Damn, I love that guesat. One of the smartest cats on YT. If it wasn’t for Lior cautioning to stay away from crypto in 2018, even to short crypto stocks, I would have been massacred here. Just holding cash, like WealthResearch Group has been saying, since the year started, has saved me hundreds of thousands, probably.

  2. Lark you always seem to hit it out of the park man. Love your mix of light heartedness and in depth analysis. Thanks mate.

  3. You are absolutely correct Lior, I listened to your advice to avoid buying on the dips and to hold out for 2018 and man it has saved me big time.

  4. Couldn’t agree more Shawn. Lior is spot on when it comes to calling the bear markets. Glad I listened.

  5. I know one thing. I’m not selling my Bitcoin. There’s huge manipulation going on , but it can’t last forever. People are buying Bitcoin by the truck loads but , unfortunately , it isn’t having any effect on the price because they’re buying OTC.

  6. Lark, your questions were really good. I enjoyed this one, mostly because I know Wealth Research Group is not just crypto, but also cannabis, gold and dividends, so it was interesting to see how investors, who have a 18yr background, look at this. I’m pretty new, so it was a good show for me.

  7. @TheBigNig: At least he is shilling the actual guest on the show. Unlike all those other mofos that shill some random then try to back it up with sock puppet accounts.

  8. Awesome interview. I liked Lior’s bear strategy on dollar cost averaging on the way down. That said, I’m a believer long term so large ATH retracement doesn’t mean I’d sell my position to temporarily put my funds in a stock that I’d sell in i.e. less than a year just to buy into bitcoin again later. This to me would be an unattractive way to view the opportunity cost of capital. The gains after taxes aren’t as attractive. Nonetheless Lior was a great insightful guest and dig your videos Lark

  9. Really nice chat. Lovw fun listening to. I think his strategies are very risk-averse, which I personally like. Cool analogy with the Tony Robbins seminar

  10. Hi Lark 😊 This was my first introduction to Lior and I found him to be so interesting. The whole interview was very informative and I was able to take a lot away from it.
    Thank you again for quality content. Appreciate all your efforts.

  11. Fantastic!! Thank you Lior !!! and Thank you Lark for having Lior on the channel,,watched 3 times loved it,will probably watch again later ………….looking forward to seeing Lior on the channel again in the future,,Thanks again! CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn

  12. Nice Jameson. I agree, thnx to Lior 2017 was a beautiful year for me and 2018 hasnt stung so bad because I took his advice.

  13. Just checked out the website and WOW!! Good stuff. Lark, thanks for bringing Lior on the show. I subscribed to Wealth research group just now👍👍

  14. Wealth research group was the first to cover ETH @ $12…I really had a spectacular 2017 because of that guy!!

  15. Gregory they were talking about DASH at $30 BEFORE it went up to 600-900…insane! They really nailed it!

  16. WOW and WOW Again. Learned tonnes from this. Lior Gantz seems highly intelligent. Thanks for sharing, Sincerely JR

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