Propy – Game Changer for Global Real Estate


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Natalia from Propy discusses all of the captivating features of Propy such as the marketplace, global land registery, the Vermont test case, global partners, corruption, taxes, and so much more.

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Propy – Game Changer for Global Real Estate

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Awesome. Love that female Eastern European accent. Oh yea. Propy is cool too. Very informative interview. Need to collect 500 Propys for the future while price is down. Very useful. My family is experiencing land title as we speak. I believe the one out of three title ownership issue. It suck. F*%k ton of legal and court fees. Good one Lark. Aveo and Aloha.

  2. Crazy, there you go, you are a person who needs Propy! Crypto in real life, the scope of this project is really impressive

  3. Nexus got listed on Binance!!! Thx Lark I loaded up cause of you!! I will pick you up in my G5 in the near future my friend

  4. The potential buyer still wants to VIEW the property, so this is just traditional Real Estate business with the exception that all documents are registered on the blockchain, which is great, however all parties involved still have to agree to this system. I think the buyer & seller will agree fairly quickly, including their lawyers BUT the Land Office/Notary who will have to prepare and upload the Title Deeds will very likely not agree, at least not yet, until this process is generally excepted by the government. This will be a long long battle……

  5. Colin Kohl, disagree, I think it does fit the normal crypto profit mindset, ATH was already $5.72, now trading around a $1, and this token could very well do a 10000x if this would become the world standard. So are there any similar projects trying to do the same thing? I do see a use case for Real Estate transactions on the blockchain, but that is years away, and some governments will be very hard to convince. I also see a use case for the token BUT only if mass adoption is going to happen, here I have strong doubts, maybe a decade from now? Good idea, buy some and Hodl it……….

  6. Propy enables people to carry out an online real estate transaction with all of the documents and payment processed on a single site, no matter where you are from and which country you are buying property in. It is up to you if you want to travel, see the house, then do all of the paperwork manually and pay lawyers and brokers – we just provide our users with another, better option, it’s up to them to decide whether they want to take advantage or keep things the way they have been for over a century.

  7. You can only carry out an online real estate transaction in this way if ALL parties involved agree to do it in this way (including governments, land offices, notaries, lawyers, appraisers, buyers, sellers etc.). Putting all the documents involved in a real estate transaction on the blockchain makes sense, but these documents still need to be prepared by lawyers, notaries and these lawyers still want to get paid, the same is true for the brokers dealing with reservation agreements, option contracts and the buyers/sellers. There is no way for the average individual to do this himself. And on that note, almost all real estate transactions will take place after somebody viewed the property in real-time in the real-life. Nobody will buy a property online located 10.000 miles away without a viewing, the good thing is that once all the details are on the blockchain there will be no unpleasant surprises around the corner.

  8. Interesting and informative. Thanks!
    The guy that joined the interview was so random. I LOL’d at that

  9. Real Estate, medical records and personal identity, i think are 3 areas that pose real and useful cases for blockchain tech. But of course i have choice paralysis on which of the many alts that cover these areas to get into. Hope this dipski lasts a few months longer!!

  10. I was a loan officer and had a few loans go bad because of title issues. Not to mention it can take a title company a few weeks to a month to research a title and clear it. This is a fantastic use case for block chain tech!!

  11. H V, if you do some due diligence you will learn Propy is addressing those issues. Did you even watch the video? Whether or not a buyer choses to visit a property in person has nothing to do with the sales process. Propy isn’t some company run by 22 year olds 6 months out of university. It isn’t run by tech nerds either. The staff have actual real world experience in international real estate. It is one of the better run projects around.

  12. Many stake holders and regulators. Many many jurisdictions. All things considered they are making excellent progress. Faster than I expected but as you say a very long way to go for what ultimately can be.

  13. What will cause the value of PRO tokens to rise over time? I get that PRO tokens are required to close a transaction but where who would the PRO tokens be paid to and is this the only use it has?

  14. I love it. The world is changing and more and more companies will be coming up with ways to integrate cyrpto and blockchain into the Real Estate world. Will you be at any summits next year?

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