PIVX VS NAV – Privacy Coin Duel

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Two great privacy coins both with amazing potential, but which is better! ***Please note I made a mistake here PIVX team is funded !!!

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LTC — LguhPERjTXenBqe5gjaKgJn9CHZmP4AJKw
Dash — XfKcrjBEYyWypNLgZzPtQvwfWWAG9MaZAr
NAV – Nbouc8cE38LQTMcnAb7oa7J8rqjKrNcxcY
PIVX – DGpxDCjbj6gPChcAi56qXM24qVrCWHpKu8
Ethereum — 0x18BC5a79872115d9b774233A2011b10Ab302Ad24
ANY ERC-20 Tokens (I.E. PAY or OMG) 0x468cB54a3821d8b0129C42Ea6ADf12748d97fD98

Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice – please do your own research before risking your own money!

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PIVX VS NAV – Privacy Coin Duel


  1. Bases on what? Back to basics, the basis is crypto currencies all those platforms/applications can be fueled by other crypto currencies in the future. And there are already allot of platforms for building apps. So that isnt realy added value. It is all about adoption of a currency and I dare to say PIVX is closer to adoption then NAV. Also PIVX is a much better coin. NAV isnt a wellknown used platform for apps and isnt an outstading coin. Maybe in the future but stating it has more potential then PIVX is strange. PIVX is in the process of proven itself as a coin and it gets recognition NAV hasnt proven itself as an app platform nor as a coin yet. May be in the future.

  2. Heres how I see it. If PIVX were to make instant transactions, it could be similar to miners but most likely a little less as monero is the big boy. Most likely will see lesser returns in the future but easier tasks and more likely to achieve that. Nav, if they were to follow through on private dApps, could be huge in the future, especially considering the need for privacy and future of the deep web. I think for long term and slightly riskier, than nav is your bet.

  3. Nomen est omen! They both sound like losers. Aeon on the other hand.. well it sounds more like the future guys.

  4. Hey Lark, you should set up a Navpi staking box so you don’t need to set up a separate computer for that 🙂

  5. always great to come back a year later to watch some old school Lark lol CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn

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