PIVX – Powerful Purple Popping Privacy

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Bryan from PIVX and I discuss the latest news from PIVX, privacy coin bans, private smart contract platform competition, and so much more!
Mentioned Links
POS – https://pivx.org/nothing-considered-a-look-at-nothing-at-stake-vulnerability-for-cryptocurrencies/
Ledger Master Nodes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoyUMpAQFN8

Introducing the Privacy Coin Matrix, a cross-team collaboration comparing 20 privacy coins in 100 categories, including PIVX from pivx

Why PIVX https://www.whypivx.com/
Github https://github.com/gpdionisio/SPMT

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PIVX – Powerful Purple Popping Privacy


  1. I’ve had the Pivx core wallet for 4 months now. I think it’s a great project! POS is a plus.

  2. PIVX is a very promising project.

    Personal privacy and financial freedom is everything.

  3. What do you think about the newcomer like Loki? Privacy + masternode/service node + snApps.

  4. From what I understood here, PIVX is the Swiss Bank killer! A completely private savings account?!

  5. Lark if you were an altcoin you would be very undervalued….another great Interview!!

  6. BH you just found the diamond in the rough welcome to crypto lark nation my friend!!!!!!

  7. I will never understand that intro …. never ever. Please dont explain. It is better I dont get it … 😛

  8. Thanks a ton for the great interview guys. Thanks Lark and Snappy! So many great things on the PIVX horizon.

  9. I bet Cancun accepts PIVX as it’s majority owned by the Mexican drug cartels who love their privacy 🤣

  10. Awesomeness… I’ll do more research but I think I’ll have to pick some up. Thanks Lark.

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