PIVX Cryptocurrency Next Big Privacy Coin in 2018?

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PIVX appears to be the next in line for a price surge as it is the next high market cap privacy coin ready for a price surge.

PIVX Cryptocurrency Next Big Privacy Coin in 2018?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. How worried are y’all about Charlie Lee getting rid of all of his LTC? I personally have mixed feelings on it. Just a lot of sketchy things happened all at once in the last 24 hours in the crypto world

  2. You should tell us when you invest in a coin, We would have loved to hear about you investing in pivx at 5$ and why you did at the time

  3. I have LTC and was wondering the same thing…makes me quite uneasy and want to get out while I’m up (even if it’s by a miniscule amount) and put it into a much better buying opportunity.

  4. No, read his tweets. He did it to take away that he was just pumping for his own gain. The project just got better imo.

  5. Completely different. Dash is not a true privacy coin. They use coin join which the feds could easily trace if they really wanted to. PIVX uses zerocoin protocol which is completely untraceable even without TOR. Verge relies on TOR which is vulnerable and leaves the storage of value in the hands of the TOR network. Not very comforting to me.

  6. Modum is a sleeping giant right now. Only 27 million total supply and for $2.60 , i can definitely see it reaching $20 in a couple months. do a review on it

  7. I sold all my LTC at a just over 100 percent gain. Because of the news, I don’t see it pumping anytime soon. Figured I’d make some money somewhere else, then jump back in if it drops.
    That again this is crypto currency, it’ll probably be at the $500 tomorrow LOL!

  8. 1) PIVX uses an enhanced privacy protocol (zerocoin on steroids basically) called zPIV.
    2) PIVX – Proof of Stake (Dash is mining) – so anyone (not just miners or MN holders) can earn with PIVX.
    3) PIVX – CDG – community voted governance model being implemented.
    4) PIVX – Better economic model (PIVX QE (quantatative easing) is 4%…DASH is almost 10%. PIVX also burns transaction fees, thus REMOVING coins from the supply…

  9. Gable Erenzo Holding more than 8-10 coins total becomes a hassle, cumbersome to hold and secure. So FOMOing into a coin hyped on this channel is a very short term strategy. Its what I’ve realized.

  10. PIVX is a great coin. Both PIVX and Verge (XVG) are a no brainier. BUY BOTH people while they are cheap.

  11. Gable Erenzo I dunno man, gl with it. I hold 80% of my NW in real estate and only 0.25% in Crypto. Crypto and Bitcoin do not produce cash flow. I invest in real assets with favorable tax treatment. I have a problem putting more than 4-figures $ into Crypto. Too speculative and does not cash flow. I am sure there is money to be made based on FOMO and greed of others.

  12. Wish I would’ve bought a whole whole lot more verge. Only bought 1500 when at a penny, didn’t think much of it cause I’m new. Now I wish I would’ve put $1000 in. Would’ve made 16x profits on it. Now I’m looking for something else to put $1000 into

  13. you dont have to pay any taxes until you withdraw into fiat correct? so if i got into BTC at 2k and then put profit into various alts once it reached 18k and hold them all, i dont have to pay any taxes yet correct?

  14. please look into raiblocks 😀 no fee coin, 7k transactions per second, only on 2 exchanges and its a rank 40 coin

  15. Verge have huge flaws 🙁 sold today half my verge… 50k cause if you look at their github it’s awfull..they pretending to be working. People also say it’s not so secure and private

  16. Thanks for the link!! finally was able to register on a decent exchange but i transferred Bitcoin to binance to start trading it’s been an hour and still hasn’t shown up.. is this typical??
    Also, JEFF, if you see this I could really use some advice I have a couple questions.. anyway I could email u?? Or vice versa??
    I’m brand new to this but not totally in the dark either

  17. I’m not looking for financial advice just have questions about the diff exchanges and the best way to purchase and hold your crypto..
    if its not possible I understand but it would be so appreciated. I keep missing out on coins I’m wantingto buy inn too. Missed out on a lot $ trying and fighting with bittrex. Now I’m on binance and I’ve herd USDT is the best way to buy coins

  18. they have unpaid developer , i think 2-3 people not sure, so be patient(correct me if wrong) they dont have shady ICOs, the inventor of XVG is a solo warrior

  19. Zombie Killa the main developer does most of it. They have a rather large marketing team that has impressive back ground. I think the incentive is the verge they own.

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