PikcioChain ICO – Blockchain Data Exchange

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The team at Pikciochain are bringing data as an asset class to the blockchain to give control back to individuals and help businesses increase their efficiency.
Website – https://pikciochain.com/en/

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PikcioChain ICO – Blockchain Data Exchange


  1. great review,always honest and a lot of research you put into each you do to give subs an honest review , #noshavetill20k #cryptolarknation ……..hit the likes share,lets get crypo Lark Nation to 200k subs

  2. Would love to hear your thoughts on the new stable coins coming out. Havven has their ICO soon and MakerDAO just came to market, maybe there’s some more?

  3. Hi Lark, New white paper is out and it’s a ripper. Lots of questions answered. Pikciochain is a giant sleeper. Thanks for the review

  4. Bridge Protocol which is also a NEP 5 NEO Token , and the best thing about Bridge is they dont keep your sensitive KYC data they have a revolutionary tier system

  5. You’ve nearly twisted my arm to buy into this project. I’m still slightly on the fence. I think the ICO price is a little too high. Probably going to wait until it hits exchanges.

  6. Q) Can we delete the data with private key for right to forget ??


    Great question, allow us to explain right here:

    As to the removal of data and the “right to forget”, there are basically three parts to the data:
    the raw data itself, the [validation] hash of the data, the user information (user id)

    Data is stored locally on the data owner’s device and on any trusted nodes that the user gave permission to to store it.
    The user id information is created by and stored in the TIS, which is created and stored locally on a users’ device.

    The data is not stored on the blockchain.
    The [validation] hashes are stored on the blockchain.
    The user id information are not stored on the blockchain.

    When a user wants to remove data then they can simply remove the data from their device and instruct trusted nodes to do the same.
    The [validation] hash on the blockchain cannot be removed, as this is an immutable ledger.
    The user id information is stored locally and can be removed.

    So what happens is that the hashes will remain on the blockchain, however they are not tied to any actual data anymore, nor are they tied to any existing users. So they’re just hashes without any ties or references and so the certificaion is useless and do not represent anything anymore.

    GPDR talks about traceability over time and this traceability is exactly what is removed once both the data and the user id are removed

  7. Last night Ian balina make it looks a good opportunity I never done ICOs before , this is my first time wanna buy and try it , somebodies said he is a scummer ,,, I dont know what to do bro could you advise me if you ever bought ICos before . appricated

  8. Franco cino I’d recommend you stop following Altcoin Buzz….if you do follow them. Their “team” is way to big….they have mentioned virtually every coin in the market over the last 6 months…throw enough darts and some will come out winners and hit the bullseye! I thought I was getting decent information until I realised they have as much knowledge as anyone else watching. They send out 5 or 6 videos per day for quantity NOT quality so they get advertising revenue. Their team is weak compared to the links I’ve supplied. There’s a small handful of decent channels that actually know what they are talking about. It took me months to find some of them. Once you find them and research yourself you’ll stop buying into “shitcoins” and start buying quality coins. (I’ve bought a few really poor coins by jumping in too quickly. I’ve hopefully made better decisions since researching more). Best of luck.

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