Pigzbe ICO – A Game Changer for Crypto Education

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Pigzbe an innovative tool for teaching children financial literacy in a gamified tokenized world which will introduce a the next generation to the next generation of money. Learn more https://www.pigzbe.com/
Pigzbe on Twitter – https://twitter.com/pigzbe

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Pigzbe ICO – A Game Changer for Crypto Education


  1. Excellent review – very well done (as usual). This is a promising project, indeed!

  2. My 11year old sister will be so happy, but i need to tell her to HODL, otherwise no pink bike for her.

  3. Oh man that’s a hilarious picture. A panel of 9 year olds arbitrating smart contracts. 😂 I only wish this was available in the states before 2020. Great reward system for kids and even greater teaching tool for adoption.

  4. just hope kids still find time to be kids………..Thank lark for the review! WELL DONE

  5. This is awesome and all our kids are gonna get expose to cryptocurrency in the future. I just hope they don’t get addicted. Thanks for the A+ review Lark!

  6. Really novel project, signed up… financial literacy for kids is a big deal – did some work on Clever Kash for ASB, learnt loads about how kids interact and learn money skills

  7. Teaching our children how to be responsible with their funds is very important. Thanks for sharing Lark and dig the new intro!

  8. Certainly one of the more novel projects I have seen recently. PS let me know next time you are in Wellington

  9. For sure, though we are off to Malta next week for a couple months. If your nearby and want to see whats going in the local scene your welcome to stay and escape the NZ winter,..

  10. Wayne M

    I’m sure by the time your kids grow up, crypto won’t be the roller-coaster it is today, I imagine things to be a lot more stable by then

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