Peer Mountain ICO – Decentralizing Trust

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Peer Mountain ICO bringing decentralized trust to the blockchain. Led by veteran Jed Grant and a carefully selected team with promising partners lined up for later this year, patent pending tech, currently in Alpha, and regulatory compliance all make Peer Mountain an ICO to take note of.
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Peer Mountain ICO – Decentralizing Trust


  1. Video is 13 mins long, hasn’t been up for more than 10, and there’s already a dislike. Who auto-dislikes the Lark?!

  2. Jacob, I would encourage you to check in with other crypto channels because almost everyone’s views and subscriber growth rates are down – sign of the times

  3. Thats very true they are down as well sorry I didnt check that. Some very valid points you brought up and many are valid. Nevertheless i think a more quality-oriented content strategy could be beneficial long term. I’m a content creator as well (blogger) so it’s interesting to me

  4. Open and honest conversations is what it is all about ! Thanks for taking the time to comment

  5. WOW! Thanks for making a video about Peer Mountain! I am so excited about it! And I totally agree about the team! Have you heard that Jed Grand has been named one of the top 200 Fintech leaders in Europe? I am participating in their ICO it seems so promising!

  6. Yes, heard about that as well, got to talk to him a bit, really switched on and down to earth dude!

  7. Hi Cryptolark, love what you do! Just wanted your thoughts on how you feel this compares with selfkey?

  8. I think there are already too many identity platforms like selfkey but peer mountain kinda combines all of them to make it easier and safer for people to use services, both physical and digital

  9. daraychi 189 nice. I really appreciate your insight. The reality of it is 90% of cryptos on the market today will not be here in 5 years.

  10. Thanks a lot for covering Peer Mountain! The potential uses in our daily lives is just immense. Difficult not to adhere to the project!

  11. Jacob Adelman I think Lark proved his validity here. Most people would get defensive or ignore the comment. You handled this like a true gent Lark people will all have enquiries, questions and different opinions. The fact that you kept it factual and constructive but most of all well mannered and a nice convo just goes to show your true character. I for one believe you are a legit dude “ on the internet “. Keep it up Larky boy 🙏🏻

  12. Yeah, much like Civic and SelfKey it seems this could be a situation where Ontology could act as a verifier on PMT

  13. Interesting project. I didn’t hear what the minimum purchase is on the ICO sale. Thanks for the review.

  14. Thanks for presenting these reviews in such an unbiased manner. I can appreciate that you must be spending a lot of time preparing – reading whitepapers, researching the teams, etc. You are a star!

  15. That dislike might be not against the Lark himself, but maybe against Peer Mountain as a project…(just my way of thinking here).

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