Passive Income 101 – How to Stake NEO and EARN Gas

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In this video, Zach shows you how to stake Neo using the NEON wallet. If you hold NEO, staking them and earning GAS is much better than not staking them; you have nothing to lose.
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Passive Income 101 – How to Stake NEO and EARN Gas


  1. I would SO much wish that you would make a video about NEX. As you might know you can stake NEX also. Please make a video ; )

  2. i bought some NEO at $100 a piece last year, it’s gonna take some staking to make up for that loss…

  3. Altcoin buzz, don’t know how you missed XBI – Bitcoin incognito!
    Masternodes can be ran with 3000 xbi and the rewards are absolutely fabulous. Great Telegram community and lots of future prospects coming.

  4. +NOTHING TO DO then look at it as black Friday atm and buy a lot more now, double down into your investment. You bought it for a reason, right?

  5. Teaching us about neo and staking it, doesn’t know that neo only works in whole units. Lol oh brother

  6. As did I… but also buying NEO at $9 won’t hurt to even out losses. I believe in the project. NEO and Russia ties, NEO 3.0 in the works, and NEO expanding to gaming while they work on enterprise functionality. I believe they also realize that zero marketing and lack of communication in 2018 hurt their position. NEO DevCon coming up soon. I can’t imagine NEO sticking around these prices very long.

  7. How can neo even attempt to give back when they barely have a working product … The question is: where does the money come from? At this point, this coin sounds like bitconnect or one of those 0% financing scheme. Please tell me where the money comes from.

  8. Great video for new starters. Can i ask you to do the same for Ontology please. Staking there is a whole different beast and it will help a lot the new starters.

  9. Nice beginners video Zak 👏👏

    It’s not exactly staking, though. You earn GAS passively for just hodling NEO, anywhere (wallets, exchanges).

    Only additional information I would add is that NEO has to transferred in whole numbers and not decimals or fractions.

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