Our Bitcoin Dreams are Over

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Is this what capitulation looks like? Is this the end of our Bitcoin dreams?


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Our Bitcoin Dreams are Over


  1. This is real for some people I bet.

    Remember dude who cashed in everything to buy bitcoin & took his family to live off grid?

  2. Our bridge is low and high traffic ,funny thing was i was wondering if i’d end up there on the weekend ..Your video was magic funny ! Plenty more sardines for you Mr Felix

  3. Thx man. Good to see some fun and positiv stuff. Altough is chasing rats off the table while others chase coingains? Needs differ, and thats a good thing.
    Happy hunting anyway.

  4. Yep must be painful and real for those someones that placed 100% of their investment money at the highs or borrowed funds. Ouch

  5. +The Crypto Lark That guy is still in profit, cause he went all in in April. And the family is living a very happy minimalistic life. He is on TV occasionally

  6. Awesomeness!!!!!! Hey if you ever need a place to stay just hit me up, I’ll send you some Jose Coin! I knew that Bitcoin Rat was no good! LOL Love your channel bro, You’re like a fine wine! Keeps getting better and better each day! 🙂

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