Origin Trail – Supply Chains are Awesome

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A fantastic interview with the team from Origin Trail. We discuss supply chains, blockchains, blue bears, have a surprise guest, and so much more!
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Alpha Release

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Origin Trail – Supply Chains are Awesome


  1. invested in TRAC, VEN and MORPH… supply chain is one of the most needed use cases for blockchain and i feel damn comfy with this investments… thanks a lot for the interview, really enjoyed it 🙂

  2. THANK YOU!! I’ve been NEEDING this interview to make me feel comfortable getting reckless with this crypto lol. I’ve been most interested in this alt than any.

  3. In TRAC from the pre-sale, love the project! Keep up with the great work! Thanks for the interview.

  4. trac is going to be big mark my words… these guys have the plan and nothing will stop them to achieve it…

  5. Great one Lark!! Smashed the thumbs up button; see much potential with this project, real-world applications, and great team!

  6. Great interview Lark !!!! Origin Trail is positioning themselves well in the European and asian markets…One of the low cap gems !!

  7. Great interview that clarified a lot about OriginTrail. TRAC is severely undervalued currently, they deserve all the attention they get!

  8. Love Trac! Always nailing deadlines, lots of exposure and visibility, great community.. big things coming from Origin Trail!

  9. Hi LRky,

    Regards to my boys from Slovenia! So many great products are coming from SLO. Little country, lion’s heart! Bravo fantje, vi ste zakon!

  10. Origin Trail is the real thing guys. No BS project. No Hype. They just keep doing their work silently and making numerous partnerships in the background which will be announced when their TRACE alliance website is launched in a few weeks. They have some thing cooking with European Union and most likely will be their official supply chain protocol.

  11. Great interview Lark!! I have been in Origin Trail since the ICO and now the masses know what a great project this is also. The FOMO is real!!

  12. You earned yourself a new sub. Didn’t knew you were such a great guy. The team loved you!

  13. The Crypto Lark If you have 10k , in which ico or cryptocurrency you will invest in ?

  14. The Crypto Lark If you have 10k , in which ico or cryptocurrency you will invest in ?advise me please for short term investments.4-12 month

  15. The guys at TRAC are pros and very sharp. While there are many co.’s trying to enter supply-chain tracking and,therefore entering this space, I believe their system of smart contract exchanges will keep them one step ahead. I work in a distribution network of perishable foods (natural food distributing) and we are discussing future plans together.
    Payment processing is an important value added benefit to this, so I am interested in your thoughts about a low to zero transaction cost,DAG w/high scalability payment processing system that has recently come to my attention from ICO reviews called Coti. https://www.coti.io . This is a real ‘Use in Commerce’ product with what seems to have a solid team- so I’d enjoy yours and any/all community members feedback (and I know it’s NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE 🙂 but your interview with Trac gives me confidence of an honest opinion.-as I attempt to find one to implement into my business. Thank-you all

  16. This is legitimately one of THE best use-cases of blockchain technology and the most exciting project in crypto ATM IMO. Great jobs guys, keep it up!

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