OpenOcean Defi & Cefi: Crypto Price Aggregator Explained


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Buying and selling crypto across different CeFi and DeFi cryptocurrency exchanges can be exhausting. This is where OpenOcean and similar price aggregators come in. They optimize your CEX and DEX efforts by giving you the best choices like Expedia would for travel. We discuss eToro, Kraken, Sushiswap, Uniswap, Binance and and explore the many swap advantages that OpenOcean provides following its Atlantic Update.

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0:00 Defi and Cefi Exchange Aggregators
2:50 Intro to OpenOcean
3:23 About the Project
4:22 Value Proposition
6:18 The Team
6:42 Tokenomics
8:34 Ecosystem
9:24 Growth and Longevity
10:24 Competition
11:06 Potential Risks
12:23 OpenOcean Atlantic Upgrade
15:30 OOE Price Prediction and Analysis

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OpenOcean Defi & Cefi: Crypto Price Aggregator Explained

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


    We got into ENJ when it was $0.04, MATIC, $0.03, CHZ $0.016, and many more awesome crypto gems. We have the network, the insider tips and an experienced research team. If you want early insider tips on the next 100X altcoin gem every month, then click the link below to learn more:
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