NXT Moonshot? IGNIS Airdrop Coming Soon

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Despite a massive buying opportunity (or landslide depending on your perspective) there were some cryptocurrencies that rose strongly against the tide. NXT is one of the outliers who rose almost 30%.

While all the details for this coins strong stand are not clear to us at this time, it does look like some of it could be a buying frenzy leading up to the Snapshot taking place on December 28, 2017 which will be used for the upcoming IGNIS airdrop.

NXT Moonshot? IGNIS Airdrop Coming Soon


  1. Altcoin Buzz much love, Steve! You guys are forming an awesome community by creating a great hang out with the best outlook and investing perspective there is. ✊🏻

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I just had to replace my old computer this morning and got one that is totally different and didnt catch that. Getting reconfigured is a biotch! -Steve

  3. You don’t have to invest in them all. We are hear to talk about them and be an active part of the community with you guys. -Steve

  4. Altcoin Buzz Much love Brother, you are guys are my №1 channel for Crypto news, hopefully we can get a Live stream show from you and Jeff, that would be legendary…

  5. Altcoin Buzz Steve, you’re cool too bud.. keep up with this solid content 👍🏽 Happy holidays to Jeff, Steve and Fabian! HODL

  6. Its fun how you took the reference of Marshawn Lynch in the video… Thanks for all the amazing videos you do. GoHawks!!

  7. Love the Airdrop’s coins – like in BTX on Mondays, or like DeepOnion on Fridays or Smart before 25th of each month, or NXT for Ignis – there is one pattern that RULES them all. Prior the AIRDROPS – 2-4 days the price starts to climb up. Usually it is 10-30% like 20% with DeepOnion and BTX and NXT, sometimes even more, as 50-60% for Smart right now. And then they dumps down heavy, just after the Airdrops is over.

    So the strategy is simple – sell before, buy after Airdrop. Usually it works extremely well in 80% of cases. With NXT it worked like a charm even with a panic sell of BTC in mind.
    happy XMAS to everyone!

  8. nxt website down, nxt down in value… what happened? I am not an owner of the coin but I want to know whats up

  9. I was looking for the reason why NXT is down on 29th, and I found this video which forecasted this down on 22nd Dec. You are awesome man.. keep sharing. Anyway Nxt is down 40% and so I bought some.

  10. It will probably keep dumping in my opinion. For your sake I hope not. People were buying it because of the wallet snapshot to get the Airdrop of IGNIS, and then the subsequent Airdrop to IGNIS holders later on. So it was like a gateway drug. -Steve

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