Nuls Cryptocurrency Review – Custom Entreprise Blockchain

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Nuls is building a platform for entreprises to easily build custom blockchain solutions. Can they compete with the big boys?

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Nuls Cryptocurrency Review – Custom Entreprise Blockchain


  1. damn lark you keep reviewing the coins that i have already bought

    i got NULS back in december before the pump, for me it has a massive potential in the near future just kind of reminding me of NEO when it was dirt cheap haha

  2. Ive been saying NULS and COSS are the two most undervalued coins since September/October. Thanks for the review!!

  3. They should shorten their slogan to NULS is everything. Who’s is kinda cool as both words are contradictory

  4. Got me some Nuls back in Oct .2 minutes after it hit the exchange 😉 well done Lark, gonna Hodl my nuls,thinking could be 50-60 dolla coin by years end.then again it couldn’t then again it could be more,this is crypto ,nobody knows ;)(think it will be though) “crypto Lark nation”

  5. Easily the most underrated coin out there. I mean look at the price. When the main net drops, and people realize Inchain is already set to run on it, oh man. I can’t wait and am happy I’m Already in.

  6. Ahhh, still trying to get my bags full.. don’t pump price yet, I’ve only gotten 1150, needing 850 more!

  7. btw i should have said my opinion on Nuls.It looks like a great idea for sure.I bought into it secondarily on my gut feeling.A gut feel that nagged me to buy ,one that i know from experience not to ignore ..I am super confident Nuls is going to slowly rise and rise and rise,i dont see it dropping ..

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