NEXUS / NXS Review – Libertarianism and Crypto Unite

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NEXUS / NXS Review – Libertarianism and Crypto Unite

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. This maybe the first coin to literally go the moon via the satellite network. Ps can you do a top priority 10 proof of stake coins with very high interest

  2. I’m so bullish! A blockchain from space, outside the grasp of governments and regulators and even highly quantum computer resistant. It’s got it all as a potential digital vault. For staking, I’ve read that you’d want at least 1000 NXS for it to be worthwhile though. I hope they can change this with time, since price per coin increases could make attaining such a quantity of coins for regular folks pretty out of reach. I guess there is still mining potential for those inclined.

  3. i just bought a little more , it is a steal imo because of the sells orders without volume can easyily recover the price if hype starts

  4. Can you make a video on Latium Coin which is backed by John Mcafee (or combine it with his announced John Mcafee coin project)

  5. I won’t buy Ripple either but banks are free to participate without trying to run the show: “We banks prefer our decentralization highly centralized.” I also won’t participate in pump and dumps. Plenty of good profits to make through good ol due diligence.

  6. NXS is coming out with a new wallet that “may” address the 1000 NXS coin requirement issue. Time will tell! 😄

  7. Hi Lark, nice video. Been into nexus for almost a year. Mining and staking, i’d say its a great project and there’s a ton of stuff going on. We should expect to see a few updates verry soon.

  8. Nexus blows my mind compared to many other alt coin teams and motivation. Peter Schiff and Max Keizer had a debate at the conference it was funny. They are releasing a new wallet soon called Tritium which will fix some things. Staking is decent but Tritium will make it better. I never noticed the T-shirts, thanks for showing me that. One awesome thing you forgot to mention was their live chat helpline in the bottom right of the website. Andrew and Preston have been helpful with answering questions in live time.

    You made this video during the all time high, it has retracted back to $1.42 as of today and that is a killer discount in my opinion.

    This Nexus team looks too motivated to fail, I have lots of faith in them.

  9. Yes, it is a great project, Hope to get the chance to speak with Colin about it one day soon

  10. So… if they use algorhythms that produce very big hashes (like 4x the size of a bitcoin block hash) then their blockchain will be EXTREMELY heavy in kb’s (ultimately terabyte) right?

  11. I love how your information is so down-to-earth, not hyped up.. not like SUPPOMAN … factual (to the best of your ability)… your info is great!!



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