NEM / XEM – Best Blockchain in the Biz

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NEM is a fantastic project which is just waiting to explode.

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NEM / XEM – Best Blockchain in the Biz


  1. plan on holding my XEM for the next 5 years , hopefully we see some NEO type run on it. The tech behind it blows some of these top cryptos away

  2. I joined one of the first ICOs on NEW i belive. The DimCoin ICO, i think NEM i only gonna get bigger yeah :D. Btw great videos Lark.

  3. Ive been in NEM since it was 1 cent back in FEB and holding since.. First year for me in investing in cryptocurrency and must say that NEM is by far the best tech so far.. Ive never seen anyone leave a bad comment or troll about NEM. Seriously the underrated sleeping giant in the top 10.

  4. Hi Cryto Lark, could you please provide a link to for the tech guy, Yvonne? Could not find him thanks!

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